Flip Cover


 white flip on baby  Set on lowest rise setting over a small yellow edge prefold diaper. Newborn orange edge prefolds are most often used at this rise setting, but as baby gets older, the small prefold provides more absorbency.

Newborn prefolds are used the smallest rise setting but sometimes novice or small can be used at the smallest rise setting. Small or novice prefolds fit under Flips on the medium rise setting also. Usually intermediate or medium red edge prefolds are used at the largest (unsnapped) rise setting but sometimes, depending on baby's shape, you can use either of those (intermediate blue or medium red edge) on the medium rise setting, but most commonly those are used at the largest rise setting. Some babies need the absorbency of size large prefolds but they are too long to trifold into Flips at the largest rise setting but they can be smooshed down in there or fastened but the brown edge size large prefolds really are longer than fits into a Flip when trifolded. It is ok to fasten prefolds under Flips if you want to do that, but the design of the cover is made for trifolding so that can be the best way to use them. Baby shapes vary so this is a just a generalization of the fit.

Which size prefold to buy if pad-folding? At largest rise setting Intermediate blue edge fits great. Medium red edge can work too.  At middle rise setting Novice, Small and Intermediate work. At smallest rise setting Novice and Small work best, though Newborn also works. Size Large prefold is too big for this cover. 

mirror flip on baby front flip mirror on baby back Great trim fit. Mirror shown over a birdseye flat diaper.

flip stellar diaper cover on a baby Flip cloth diaper cover on a baby Babies grow at different rates. Often babies get wider before they get taller.  Flip has a soft and flexible fit without "digging in" as some hook and loop style covers might, for comfort as baby grows and changes shape.  Stellar Blue shown on a 99% percentile 22 pound baby who is 6 months old.


flip albert print  Original Albert print (which was replaced by New Albert) on medium rise setting, shown over large brown edge Workhorse fitted diaper on a 16 month old 22 pound toddler.

newborn in flip blossom 7 pound newborn in Blossom

moonbeam flip walking baby 

countess Flip on a baby Countess on over a yellow edge prefold on the lowest rise setting. The blue blanket underneath is the Disana Merino Wool Blanket

flip on 14 pound 8 week old 13 pounds 10 ounces at just 8 weeks old. Flip fits so well on so many sizes, ages and shapes. This is over a size small yellow edge trifolded prefold.

25 pounds brown edge large prefold size large brown edge prefold, fastened, on a big 25 pound 1 year old. Size large brown edge is too long for trifolding in a Flip, color Jolly, but it works when fastened.

 snap side snap flip twilight12 pounds, 12 weeks, smallest rise over small prefold.


10 months moonbbeam flip cover 10 months old, 23 pounds in Moonbeam    grasshopper flip 23 pounds 16 months old, 23 pounds in Grasshopper. Shown on medium rise for a snug fit, but it would be good full rise on this baby if a roomier fit were preferred.

flip inside flip with night insert flip with small prefold Hummingbird shown. 

An exposed laminate PUL cover with a snap-down rise and stretchy tabs. One size fits most. Works great with prefolds and fitteds too. This cover is known for it's great fit over a very broad size range. It fits well over the Workhorse diapers, too. Tried and true bumGenius quality. Made in USA.

One-size fits most. Cover only

Flip Diaper Covers

*Fit is approximate and may vary depending on size & shape of your baby.

U.S. Pat. 8,518,007; 8,062,276; 8,777,915; D708,319; D708,320; D708,321; D708,739. Other U.S. and International patents pending.

Designed by a mom.

Made in USA of domestic and imported materials.

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