Disana Knit Wool Blanket

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Disana rose blanket on newborn baby Rose blanket on a 1 day old newborn baby.

baby in disana blanket  baby in blanket disana natural wool

 Disana kit blanket in curry on a baby curry

 beautiful knit detailed edge

baby with mom 

Disana burgundy knit wool baby blanket Blanket on a love seat.

disana blanket with ragdoll cat This is Karen's Disana Blanket purchased 16 years ago. If you wash it gently, don't put it in the dryer (well, I did put mine in the dryer on extra low for about 5-10 minutes just ONCE when it was brand new, but be careful and keep an eye on it so you don't over-felt it. A little bit of felting will strengthen the wool and reduce pullers.  Pullers are not covered and they can happen if you cause it. You can see a few in this picure but they are not a problem. This is a very old and constantly-used blanket so you have to expect that).  Wash it only occasionally (they don't need washing often since they are wool), they really do hold up well and for many years. This has been through a few kids and several cats. It is still beautiful and soft. It still stays on the couch and we use and enjoy it often.

Wash infrequently and only very gently (hand wash or use wool cycle in a machine that has it). Wool does not like heat. Air fluff only to avoid too much felting. Complete instructions are included with your order. See more information about washing wool. It is unlikely that you will ever need add lanolin to the blanket. The lanolizing information is for diaper covers, not for clothing or blankets.

hand wash your wool

baby in wool blanket organic wool baby blanket face


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A short video to try to show you how soft this is: