Disana Sweater Jacket Pictures

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Disana sweater baby in car seat Size 62/68 on a 4 month old

Disana sweater on a 4 month old  4 months old in size 62/68 sweater and a medium Babee Greens wool cover, next to her size 62/69 Disana Boiled Wool Sleeping Bag in size 1. The LanaCare pants next to her are size 62.

Disana jacket sweater open  Two layers of wool across the front to keep baby's chest cozy.

natural disana wool sweater  disana baby  berry wool sweater on baby

berry disana melange baby sweater jacket natural disana sweater

Wash infrequently and only very gently (hand wash or use wool cycle in a machine that has it). Wool does not like heat. Air fluff only to avoid too much felting. Complete instructions are included with your order. See more information about washing wool. It is unlikely that you will ever need add lanolin to the blanket. Lanolizing information is for diaper covers, not for clothing or blankets.

hand wash your wool


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