Disana Boiled Wool Sleepsack

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Disana sleepsack boiled wool on a baby in olive color

/disana boiled wool sleepsack sleepbag on a baby

wool sleeping baby for baby  Disana Melange rose sweater underneath.

disana boiled wool sleepsack disana boiled wool sleeping bag on baby 2.5 months old in size 1. Baby loves this!

Should I preach about the benefits of natural fibers over synthetic sweaty, non-breathable polyester sleep sacks? No, I don't need to do that. Since you got this far into the site to read this page, you already know and understand the difference between synthetics and natural fibers. I (Karen) would rather own one of these than ten of the synthetic kind. Sometimes, less is more.

A very short video of a 2.5 month old baby enjoying the sleep bag


disana kico wool sleepsacks sizes compared