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dimple diapers

 dimple diaper dimple dipaer on a baby dimple diaper on a baby back view Shown on a petite 16 month old on the lower rise setting with the booster inside, cotton side up.

This is a diaper. A cover is required over it.

The booster comes with it. Don't use the booster for you a young baby or if you want a trim diaper on a toddler. Use the booster for more absorbency. It is roomy enough inside to add an additional doubler or two inside, thus it can be wonderful soft nighttime diaper. The legs fit really nicely so it may be the answer for side sleepers. The true leg casing stops the pee from pouring out the sides.

This diaper is really, really soft inside. It fits around the legs fully, unlike the Workhorse which has elastic in a straight shape (for quicker, less expensive sewing). The Dimple Diaper gently hugs the leg itself with cotton (not serging).  The elastic is sewn at the edge of the diaper which forms a really good seal and thus it relies less on the cover to hold things in place. The workmanship, quality and design is superior to the Workhorse, and the fabric is so soft.   The wide elastic at the back waistband is so nice and gentle and contains things.

Have I mentioned it is soft? Yes, really it is. I don't expect any diaper to last forever so be realistic. Natural fibers, just like jeans and socks, will eventually wear out with lots of use and washing, of course.  There is value and cost in making organic textiles in North America and there are precious few choices in this category. Even the polyester stay-dry layer is not sourced in China but is made in the USA. It's not a fleece stay-dry layer like many. It lays flat and is trim. It is a beautiful diaper.  

bummis organic diaper open You can see in the pictures that the diaper doesn't lay flat. The round shape is great for containment and gives you room to add an extra doubler of you need to. This is especially wonderful for overnight.

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