Cloth Diaper Suggestions

Outline of cloth diaper stash - a helpful list

Not sure what to buy to cloth diaper your newborn baby?   Here is a helpful list of what to buy before your baby is born.  This is a sample stash for birth to about 5 or 6 months, or about 15 pounds, including accessories, which endure longer.

2 Cloth-eez Wrap size zero (perfect for the cord healing time)

4 Thirsties Duo Wrap size 1 in snap closure

2 Cloth-eez Wrap size 1

24 Cloth-eez Prefold diapers size Newborn orange edge

36 Cloth-eez Prefold diapers size small yellow edge

1 Cloth-eez Prefold diaper size brown edge (use as changing pad at first)

2 or more Workhorse fitted diapers

1 Disana Wool size medium (your nighttime wool cover for later on once it fits)

3 packs Two-sided white wipes  or unbleached (12 wipes per pack)

1 Snappi Fastener

1 Large Pail Liner


Don't skip the cloth wipes!   

"I could maybe imagine a future where I don't cloth diaper, but never a future where I don't use these (Two Sided Unbleached) cloth wipes. They work soooooooo much better than disposables."  - Alyson W.  May 7, 2019