Two-Sided Wipes on a Baby

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Two-Sided Wipes

This picture was sent in by a customer. Two-Sided Wipes ON a baby! I love it! Also, these wipes were my youngest daughter's "lovey". She called it her "clothie". It was great because I had a lot of them so when we lost one, it was ok and and not the end of the world like it might have been if we could not find a clothie, especially for car rides. We had to have a clothie for a car ride! It was a nice lovey because it was easy to keep one in my purse, in the car, or any place because they are small. Not to mention useful! She used to put them in between her toes as a toddler and preschooler. Strange, but she liked them in her toes. I'm not sure I have a picture of it though. Take lots of pictures! Everyday things go by. I really don't think I have a picture of her with her clothie in her toes, but wish I did.

baby washclothes on baby   Older style wipes. New style has rounded corners. 

baby wipes in a basket on changing table   A small stack of 7 Two-Sided wipes on a shelf of the changing table in a basket.