Cloth-eez Poso Pictures

Pictures of Cloth-eez POSO diaper cover

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If these had come out correctly, the leg elastic on medium and large would have been cut longer, allowing for a larger leg opening.  They aren't exactly they way they were supposed to be, but depending on baby's shape, they can still be good.   Chubby legs won't fit these well in medium and large.  XS and Small are correct.

newborn baby in white POSO cloth diaper cover  Size XS on a newborn baby


Below is Medium on 2 months old, 13 pounds

medium 2 months old 13 pounds   Medium on smallest leg snap setting, 2 months old, 13 pounds



Below is Medium on smallest snap setting 4 months old, 15 lb 6 oz & 26 inches.

medium poso on a 4 month old



 Below is 6 months, 18 pounds, size medium

poso 6 months old 18 pounds 6 months old, 18 pounds in Medium


 Below is medium on 14 pounds, 24 inches tall, 6 months old.  Comfortable.

14 pound baby wearing size medium POSO diaper cover

Below is large on a 21 pound 10 month old. This picture shows the not-quite-right leg elastic issue.  The leg opening really should have been an inch larger than it is.  It still works but we'll fix this for our next production run.

large on 10 months old in POSO Large on 21 pound 10 month old



Below is size Large on a tall 14 month old, 29 lbs, 34 inches (97th percentile)

POSO Size: Large, two snaps in at waist and two snaps in on legs

Over: large Workhorse

POSO diaper covers size large on baby front view large POSO diapers cover on 14 month old POSO diaper cover on a baby There  is a leg gusset in there but you can't see it in this picture.  Size Large, 14 months, 29 pounds and tall. Shown over size Large Workhorse diapers.


 Large is too small on this 2.5 year old below because the legs are too snug.

Poso too tight legs 2.5 years old, approx 31 lb and around 36 inches tall in size Large.  But the legs are just too snug so this BETA version of the cover does not fit correctly.  Our next production run will fix this issue.


POSO size large on toddler Size Large on a thin toddler.  It fits well on this shape.

Below is size Large on a 19.5lbs, 29 inches tall, 7 months old.  Plenty of growing room.

large on 7 month old Large, 7 months, 19.5 pounds


Pinned prefolds or flats or fitted diapers are recommended under this, not Snappis and Boingos because there is nothing tight across the front to help hold the Snappi on.  

The cover is "back snapping". It snaps towards the back, which is the opposite direction of most diaper covers.   The tag should end up at baby's right hip.  (But if on the low end of the size range, it could still work fine if it's put on backwards.)

compare poso diaper cover  If you pull on both the intended design and the cover that was actually made and in stock now, the pattern is exactly the same. The difference is in the elastic. It came out a bit snugger than I wanted it to be.  So, it will be fantastic on thinner legged kiddos, but not on chubby ones.



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