Pictures of Cloth-eez Lightweight Prefold Diapers

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Introducing Novice light green edge and Intermediate blue edge 4-6-4 ply prefold diapers. (2 fewer layers in the center panel than our regular Cloth-eez Prefold diapers)

What makes them lightweight and easier to dry? They have 2 fewer layers of cotton in the center panel. That, of course, also means that they are less absorbent than the 4-8-4 regular version. Sometimes this makes sense though, especially if you have a low water washer or want them to dry just a bit faster. They seem to save about 10 minutes of drying time - which can make the difference between getting them dry in one cycle depending on washing and drying situation. It's just another option. Everyone prefers different things for different reasons. Sometimes a slightly trimmer fit is preferred. The fastest drying cotton diapers are the birdseye flats.

Compare novice light green edge to small yellow edge on the same 2.5 month old baby who weighs almost 10 pounds:

novice 2 and a half months old  small yellow edge prefold 2.5 months old Novice and Small are about the same except that small has 2 more layers of cotton in the center panel.

novice pinned small yellow edge prefold Front folded down to shorten the rise on this 2 month old 9.5 pound baby

7 weeks old 7 week old novice green edge prefold 7 weeks old, 10.5 pounds. Newborn orange edge still fits. The front of the novice green edge is folded down inward on the same baby.

intermediate prefold diaper on baby Unbleached Intermediate blue edge on an 11 month old petite baby


novice and intermediate  Intermediate are about 16.25 x 17.5 long before washing, and close to 15x15 inches when fully shrunk.

intermediate Comparing small yellow edge to Intermediate.  Yellow edge small and Novice light green edge are about the same size, but Novice has 2 fewer layers in the center than small yellow edge prefolds do.

intermediate width differences when trifolded


intermediateIntermediate is as wide as a large brown edge and a little shorter than a medium red edge prefold.

intermediate and large brown edge prefold

See many pictures of our regular prefold diapers on babies here.

I'd love your feedback and more pictures on babies - Karen.


Newbie grey edge is a large preemie size.  2-6-2 layering.  

newbie and newborn prefolds newbie and newborn comparison of thickness Newbie is preemie layering but it is about the same size as the newborn orange edge. It is wider than the typical preemie diapers are.

newbie folded down 5 pounds 7 ounces, 9 days old. Newbie grey edge "large preemie" size. It is a very lightweight 2-6-2 ply diaper suitable for preemies or for just the first week or two for a full term baby. They are the same size as newborn orange edge prefolds but much thinner. These are nice if you don't want bulk on your newborn. Change often. You can always add a doubler to it. They newbie grey edge are make wonderful doublers all the way to potty learning so if you have some, you will use them and keep on using them. Newborn orange edge are 4-8-4 ply and Newbie grey edge are just 2-6-2 ply. 2-6-2 ply means 2 layers of cotton on the outside ends and 6 layers in the center panel. 4-8-4 ply means 4 layers in both outside panels and 8 layers in the center panel. More cotton=more absorbency, but it also means thicker of course. Newbie grey is a lot wider than regular preemie diapers, but still preemie layering. Full term babies will out-wet this diaper before it is outgrown so plan on adding a small doubler to it.

newbie Newbie grey edge on an 8 pound baby

preemie size diaper  Preemie purple edge on a 6 pound two week old baby. 


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