Cloth Diapering 101: Videos of everything you need to know to get started with cloth diapers

Here are several of the videos all on one page.

Wonderful How To videos! Please be patient while they load.  There are more videos throughout the site, too. 

Newborn cloth diapering video:

 How to use a prefold diaper - How to fold - How to fasten 

What do I need? This next video is long but informative when you are wondering what to buy for your cloth diaper stash.

How to put a cloth diaper on a newborn baby:

Fastening the diaper is OPTIONAL. You can just fold the prefold in thirds and lay it in the cover instead.  When you fasten the cover, the trifolded prefold is held in place by the diaper cover.

How to pin a cloth diaper:

How to Use a Snappi Fastener:


How to Use Flat Diapers (Birdseye and Muslin Flats)

Tip from Karen:   The diaper fold can be quick, sloppy and wrinkled and it will still catch the pee, so do not worry about fancy folding techniques. You do not need to know the names of folds. Getting the cotton in the cover somehow is enough.

Here are some video tutorials to help you learn some of the various ways to use flat cloth diapers.

This video shows a comparison of the one-size birdseye flat and the one-size muslin flat and it shows how to pad fold them. This is the easiest fold.


Pad Fold


Airplane Fold


The Diaper Bag Fold


Origami Fold


The Neat Fold

The Jo Fold


The Kite Fold


The Mini Kite Fold


Using Doublers with Flats


Size Half Flats

Using a Half Flat for preemies or newborn babies. The same fold ideas work for the small/one-size flats, too.

Pad Fold, Mini Kite Fold, Neat Fold, Gaynor's Fold for Girls:


For fun, a 5 year old doing the Origami Fold for her doll. 


How wool works


A cute baby

One of many ideas for cloth diaper storage


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