Cloth Diapering Moms Chat Group

The Facebook Group "Green Mountain Diapers Friends Group" is a closed group of cloth diapering moms in the USA who support and help each other.

So far, we have never had to moderate a comment!   It is wonderful how nice and caring the customers of Green Mountain Diapers are.  Foul language, meanness, advertising and spamming are not allowed. We are keeping it clean. This group is a special place to find support during your cloth diapering years.  

Of course, Green Mountain Diapers is available to answer any questions you have through the Contact Us link or by telephone; but still, sometimes talking with other moms can be very valuable.

We hope this encourages and supports you along the way.   

green mountain diapers friends group   Join our closed Facebook group Green Mountain Diapers Friends Group for friendly help and support during your cloth diapering journey.