Canada, Australia and International Shipping Information

International: Green Mountain Diapers does not ship internationally. 

Cloth diapers are wonderful to use no matter where you live. Although Green Mountain Diapers is the only place to buy Cloth-eez Prefold Diapers and Workhorse Diapers there are many great products available in many places.

Canada: Use a search engine to find stores. Shopping locally helps keep shipping costs down.

Australia:  We see orders placed from Australia going to Planet Express in Tualatin, Oregon. We know nothing about it and are not affiliated with it.  Use at your own risk.

Europe: A Twinkle on the Web.

Europe: Cambridge Baby. A wonderful selection of wool!

Use the manufacturer's websites to search for a retailer near you. For example, go the Thirsties, Bum Genius, Smart Bottoms websites and you can search there for a store near you.  Use the Retailer Locator section of various cloth diaper brands to help you find a retailer nearly you. 

We do ship to US military addresses.

We do ship to mail forwarding services with USA shipping addresses.