Bummis The Pull-On Diaper Cover

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Page for the archives of cloth diaper history 1990's and early 2000's.

Bummis has closed permently.


small pull-on mom holding baby Size Small, almost 14 lbs. No lumps or scratchy parts on pull-ons.

pull on diaper cover Same baby as above, almost 14 lbs. size Small. Shown over a pinned size medium-wide Cloth-eez Prefold Diaper.

newborn baby in pull on bummis diaper cover 4 days old, 6 pounds 11 ounces, Workhorse Organic fitted diaper no-closure version, pinned.

ocean bumims the pull on diaper cover on newborn baby 4 days old in size newborn ocean. It's still big on him but it works well enough. Plenty of growing room in the size newborn cover. You can set it below the cord or pull it up over the cord, depending on your preference and how you decide to put it on. There is room to pull it on up higher if you want to set it that way. Pull-on covers are not difficult. See, he didn't even wake up. You can see how big the size medium red edge prefold is underneath a brand new baby.

size small on 3 month 12 pound 3 months old, 12 lbs. in size Small. Shown over Workhorse size Small.

side view 3 months 17 pounds medium

bummis pull on  Green color not available, but this still shows the size.  Size medium, 17 lbs. over Intermediate blue edge Cloth-eez prefold

bummis the pull on medium on 20 pound baby Size Medium on 20 lb. baby. See Large on same baby below. Medium is his correct fit.

bummis the pull on large on 20 pound baby Size Large on 20 lb. baby. This is a bit big but his legs are big so it works OK. If thinner legs or waist, do not size up early like this. But it works on him and is needed to have enough rise to fit nicely over the Large Workhorse he has on underneath it. Yes, it is supposed to fit low on the legs. I love the freedom of movement he has in this setup.


28 pounds 18 months size large Bummis the pull on diaper pant 28 lbs, 18 months old in size Large.

large tangerine pull on diaper cover on baby Size Large on 28 pound 18 month old. No hook and loop closure to snag on the couch.


Pull-ons are great for keeping the diaper on an undressing toddler.

large or xl I don't have a picture of XL on a baby, but this shows a comparison of the Large and XL. The white is size Large and the ocean underneath it is size XL.

Pull-on styling is the most comfy style of cover. Nothing pinching or rubbing. No stiff parts. You'll love it. Use over a fitted diaper or a fastened prefold. You can't tri-fold under this. Try it with Workhorse diapers for a comfortable and economical diapering system. Made in Canada.

ocean pull on white tangerine

Bummis items are manufactured in North America and all materials are guaranteed to not contain lead, pthalate or BPA. Made in Canada.

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