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Diaper cover with optional use as a pocket diaper.  

Please note the size of this one-size cover. It runs smaller than other brands of one-size.   It does fit a size medium Cloth-eez prefold but only just barely.   You have to check to make sure it's all tucked in.  It will not fit over a size Large Workhorse nor a size Large Prefold, in my opinion.

However, the smaller size of this one-size means that it will really fit better on a newborn baby than others!    I think of it as a first year and an beyond size. 

It fits below the round belly.  This is comfy for baby.   No hook and loop pinching of the tummy.  No red marks at the legs.

Applecheeks cover on a newborn baby solar flower AppleCheeks cloth diaper print  applecheecks envelope cover on a toddler  Llamas diaper cover on a baby

AppleCheeks on a baby AppleCheeks on a sitting baby Note the fit below the big round belly.

 AppleCheeks with newborn diaper coverShown at the smallest rise setting with a Cloth-eez size newborn orange edge prefold.

AppleCheeks one-size diaper cover with Workhorse diaperLowest rise setting shown over a Cloth-eez Workhorse diaper size newborn.   This cover works with size Newborn, small and Medium Workhorse - but not size Large or XL Workhorse.


Does a medium prefold fit in there?   Um, sort of.

medium prefold with Applecheeks coverinside of an AppleCheeks diaper cover envelope pocketShown with Cloth-eez Prefold size Medium.  This just barely fits in there.  You have to push it down in and tuck it to make it fit.   For prefolds, the better fit on the full rise setting is size Small yellow edge or size Novice light green edge Cloth-eez Prefold.

 Lay it in the cover, or stuff it in the envelope pocket.

Send us your pictures and let us know if we can use them on the website!

envelope pocket opening inside AppleCheeks diaper cover

how to use applecheeks cloth diapers


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