Adoptive Nursing

adoptive nursing

I did the Newman Protocol for induced lactation and was pumping 8 ounces of breastmilk when I received Kimmie in China. It took a long time to teach her to nurse, but she did learn and she nursed for over 2 years.

I really didn't have much if any milk after a while, but she did continue to nurse several times a day. To me, this is proof that nursing is so much more than milk. The bonding aspect of nursing is very real.

I encourage everyone to put their babies to the breast. Even if if you have no milk. For the last 15 months of Kimmie's nursing days, I had very little milk, but even so, nursing is still important. As important and wonderful as breastmilk is, there is more to breastfeeding than the milk. Why else would she continue to ask to nurse if there was not "more to it" than than the milk, long after the milk was gone?


It's not that I did anything great here, it's that God is indeed good and He provides. Praise Him!

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