Wool Washes, Laundry

Wool Washes and Laundry. Learn how wool works and how to care for wool here.

No special detergent is needed for cotton diapers. You do not need to purchase "special for cloth diapers" laundry products for cotton diapers. But you can if you want to. Some are great and some are not. But some of them are much too harsh for natural fibers! Please don't over-use overly strong specialty products on your cotton that might turn them rock hard or make them sprout holes quickly. Most regular unscented laundry detergents are fine for the cotton fabrics. Yes, unscented Tide is ok on cotton. You can just use what you would normally use on your family laundry, but no fabric softeners or dryer sheets, please. Unscented laundry products are preferable for baby's sensitive lungs. For baby's breathing safety, we do not recommend scented mainstream laundry products. Dryer sheets are a no-no. 

We don't sell laundry detergent, but like everyone, I (Karen) have my own opinions about the laundry detergent queston. If you want to know what Karen at Green Mountain Diapers uses for her laundry, plus more detergent information, go to Laundry Detergent Opinions.

For information on how to wash diapers and GMD's laundry recommendations, go here. Get your free 16 page How-To Booklet with your order. It contains a lot of information about washing diapers. You must add it to your cart to in order to receive it so add that to the cart now so you don't forget.

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