How to use a Universal Registry with Green Mountain Diapers

An example of how to add gifts from Green Mountain Diapers using a universal gift registry.  The process is similar for most universal gift registries online.

Since Green Mountain Diapers is not an advertiser or partner with the any universal registry service, the gifts need to be added to your universal registry one at a time. 

Summary:   Get the browser button for the universal registry service and add each gift one by one. Navigate to the item and click the browser button, edit the pop-up as needed so that you add the correct print or item that you desire and add it to your universal registry.


From a desktop, log in to your account at your universal registry.

Click the "How to add Gifts" link.

how to add baby registry gifts


Then get the button:

get the button

 Follow the instruction to add the button to your browser. Once the button is added to your browser, you'll see this in your browser bar. Use that button to add the gifts.

gift button


Then find the item that you would like to add to your registry.  For example, 1 six-pack of Cloth-eez Workhorse size newborn.   Click the little button in the browser when you are on the page of the item that you want to add to your registry.  

how to add Workhorse cloth diapers to a baby gift registry


When you click the little registry button in your browser, you can add that to your registry right there if it's a simple item without variants or choices. If you need a different print, size or different amount such as a six pack or a dozen, click View More Images and pick the one you want.

add to baby registry 

Navigate to the picture of what you want and click it.  In this case, I picked the picture of the six pack of Newborn size Workhorse Diapers. But NOTICE this. It's not really right yet.  The Widget Button populated the default information, NOT what I actually want.  I have to manually edit the information in the pop-up before clicking ADD to tell my gift buyers which item to buy for me. 



universal gift registry pop up

Now I need to manually type in the information for my correct gift, the six pack of size Newborn Workhorse diapers.

how to use gift registry

After editing it, then click Add Gift.

It will add the correct information to your registry on the universal registry site.

Be sure to edit the pop-up to get your correct print, kind or size so that the gift buyer understands what you actually want to receive.

Adding Green Mountain Diapers Gift Cards to your universal registry works well, too. 


* My Registry is owned by My Registry and is not affiliated with Green Mountain Diapers in any way.  We provide this guidance only as general information, which is subject to change, in case it is helpful to you.