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Water Lilies print cloth diaper

smart bottoms dog diaper  

 Smart One organic cloth diaper ginny print  

Smart one jurassic print organic all in one cloth diaper on a toddler 

green cloth diaper on a baby 

black and white stripe cloth diaper Manhattan

aqua floral cloth diaper on a baby Smart Bottoms Smart One cloth diaper Huge selection of prints and colors. Free shipping over $49. Soft organic fabric inside. Beautiful prints and colors.

Campfire tales print cloth diaper on a baby I would set the top snap out one more snap to make it wider and thus more comfry for baby. The top and bottom snaps do not have to line up. You can stagger the snaps. That is, you can snap them one-off from each other at either the legs or the waist.   Having two rows of snaps allows you more adjustability to get the legs and wiast just right.  

Smart Bottoms aio diaper leland on toddler Smart Bottoms AIO organic diaper on baby standing      Smart Bottoms on baby crawling      Smart Bottoms tweetheart on baby It is adjustable so it does start fitting well on a young baby as you can see this picture of Tweetheart, but I don't recommend this or any other one-size for a newborn unless you are ok with bulk. It's a lot of diaper for a newborn baby (as are all "one-size fits most" cloth diapers, really).

diagram of organic diaper inside The organic cotton inside is very soft. The insert (or doubler part) is attached at the back and it is long. Fold it in the manner that works for your baby's age and size.

Smart Bottoms Smart One diaper inside



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