LanaCare Merino Wool Pull-On Covers

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About LANACARE wool:

Careful sorting and selection has been made in choosing the wool used for LANACare products. Only wool that meets Europe's highest ecological standards is used. It has been tested to prove that it contains no harmful substances, receiving KbT Organic Certification and the Oeko-Tex Certification of Austria's Institute of the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology. No pesticides have been used on the fields where the sheep graze nor on the wool itself. And no harsh chemicals have been used to wash the wool - a guarantee that you and your baby can rest peacefully with LANACare products. Only the most incredibly soft & finest of this organic merino wool is selected to use in LANACare products

front view lana merino wool on toddler lana wool xlarge on a 24 month old Size XL on a 24 month old who weights 30 pounds. (The sweater is the Disana merino jumper pullover wool sweater.) Notice the shape and the fit on the legs. The rise is nicely high so it's easy to completely cover any diaper in the back or the front. Softness, comfort, freedom of movement, no red marks at all. Love!

lana wool cover on a baby 5 weeks old in size small. It's so soft and cute, you just want to keep on hugging him!

lana merino wool diaper cover Size Large and XL have and adjustable elastic waist. The opening for the button-adjustable elastic waist is on the outside,  so only the soft wool touches baby. I pulled it out a bit for the picture so you can see it, but on baby it lays flat. It is nice to be able to adjust the waist. 

Size small and medium have a bit of elastic threading sewn right in to the waist to help it stay in shape. 

night wool cover Night weight cover. The additional layer of wool is added to the outside and the seams are on the outside

lanacloseup.jpg (23304 bytes)

This is a close up of the picture above. Can you see how wonderfully soft it is?

Size Small has a shorter rise for a very young baby: lana.jpg (8838 bytes)

lana wool medium night diaper cover night diaper wool cover 3 months old 12 pounds in medium NIGHT cover. There is plenty of growing room.

lana wool baby 5mo 5 months old in a medium

lana wool

2 of Karen's kids. Katherine holding Kimmie at 19 pounds, 11 months old, in a Lana size Large, which is over an organic fitted diaper. I love it!

wool baby Photo courtesy of Danish Woolen Delight where you can find many wonderful wool baby items, like the lovely booties and wool blanket in this picture, and wool breast pads, too.

lana merino wool11 months old.

Note from Karen: I started using this size large on this baby at 11 months old. Later, at almost 2.5 years old and I still used that very same size large on her. Great value! I used it a lot. At 30 pounds and 2.5 years she is a lot taller. Notice where the cover is now compared to her knees. It's still a wonderful cover even after 1.5 years of hard use! Wool outlasts synthetics because it can be relanolized.

The same well-used and well-loved Lana large after using it for one and a half years:

lanacare wool toddler in wool diaper coverLarge on 2.5 year old, 30 pounds.


View our video of how to wash wool here

Here is an image of the Lana handwashing and care instructions.


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