Disana Melange Pullover Sweater

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blue Disana wool sweater size 62 on 10 pound baby  Size 62/68 on 10 pound baby who is 22 inches long.  Sleeves fold up easily.  The sweater has plenty of body length to keep baby's tummy covered and cozy.  Adorable!

Disana wool sweaterDisana sweater  Disana Rose sweater under a burgundy Disana boiled wool sleeping bag with zipper.

disana pullover sweater green

disana wool sweater pills pilling See the pills on the wool sweater?  That is normal and expected for the soft, high quality, fine merino wool. It actually becomes softer with use.  This natural sweater that has been in use on baby for a while is quite a bit softer than a brand new one. 



This is a Disana Melange Pullover Sweater in color curry in size 86/92.  This toddler is 21 months old, and weighs 27 pounds. We would love more photos of real babies wearing this sweater, especially newborns. Just send a photo to support@greenmountaindiapers.com and let us know if we may put it on our website. 


The babies in the pictures are wearing the Disana pullover sweater

blue disana wool sweater on baby   disana sweater toddler  disana sweater


Disana Pullover Sweaters are pictured on all of the babies above. Also pictured are orange and green Disana Leggings, an undyed LanaCare Merino Wool Cover. See also Disana Sweater.

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