Bummis Super Whisper Wrap - discontinued

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 Page for the archives.   Diaper history from the 1990's and early 2000's.

Bummis brand has been discontinued.  The manufacturer has closed permanently.


tampa Tampa print

  big city diaper cover size small 12 weeks, 12 pounds, size small in big city aplix.

bummi 3 monthssize small jungle, 3.5 months old, 13 pounds

bummi super whisper wrap 10 days old, 7 pounds 0 ounces, size newborn. As a newborn, this baby definitely needed size newborn and could not have skipped it and started in size small. A 9 or more pound newborn can usually start in size small.

jungle baby walking bummis prefoldCloth-eez Prefolds fit in Bummis Supers beautifully.

Cloth-eez Prefold Small Yellow Edge fits perfectly with no folding down in a size small Bummis Super print, celery dots small shown. Then just lay baby down on the diaper, pull it up between the legs, and fasten the cover. Yes, it's that easy. This baby is 11 pounds, 8 weeks old:

bummis celery dot   bummis on baby




rise snaps on medium   Size medium now has rise snaps. Look closely so see the snaps. Shown on the low rise snap setting on a 14 pound baby over a medium prefold.



bummis9 months old, size medium, 20 pounds..



Below is a fairly thin 19 pound 14 month old wearing a Super Whisper Wrap size medium over snappi fastened red edge Cloth-eez prefold diaper. See more pictures of this toddler in other covers for comparisons.

bummis super whisper wrap medium picture of bummis diaper wrap on baby

   bummitoddler.jpg (16751 bytes) A 31 pound 20 month old toddler in a Bummis Super size large with an unpinned Toddler size prefold underneath.   Bummis fit nearly all shapes and sizes. It's a very flexible fit. The size Large Bummis Super Whisper Wrap is larger than the Thirsties Duo size 2 cover is on the highest rise setting.  If your Duo is getting too small, then the size Large Bummis is the next size up.



Bummis flower Size Large on a 22.5 pound 17 month old. She probably can fit a medium also, but the large works already on her with growing room. Sizes do overlap and the shape of the baby matters.


Below is closure for Bummis Super Whisper Wrap. Folds back for no snagging.

detail of bummis diaper wrap open



7 to 10 pounds
8.5 to 15 pounds
15 to 30 pounds
30 to 40 pounds
40 + pounds

Bummis items were manufactured in North America and all materials are guaranteed to be free of lead, pthalate and BPA.  Made in Canada.

Bummis brand is closed and no longer available.

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