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Flat Birdseye Diapers

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New Size! Size Half.

Available in organic cotton only. Only from Green Mountain Diapers.  This is about 16.5 x 27.5 inches.  My reason for making this size is that sometimes one flat is not enough absorbency, but double diapering (using two flats at once) is too much diaper.  So adding half of a flat is just right.   Size Half also makes a really nice newborn diaper.    They also work well for customizing absorbency in pocket diapers, or any diapers.    Boost absorbency of any diaper with easy washing, quick drying Half Flats.     

half flat   halfflatpadhalf flat any length  or adjust the length (or width) of the pad-fold by varying the first fold.  

stitching colorNew! Flats in made of organically grown cotton. Edge color is earth tone rainbow; transitions from yellow to browns.

A video of the 5 year old folding a flat and putting it on a baby doll:


 12 pounds 3 months total comfort

Snappi fasten, pin, or pad-fold. There are so many ways to use them.

birdseye flat on newborn Snuggly folded on a newborn

pad fold flat diaper in Thirsties Duo diaper cover It is very easy to fold a flat diaper. Just pad-fold it and place it in the cover. If you can fold a hand towel, you can do this.

unbleached birdseye8 weeks old, 11 pounds. Origami fold.

birdseye flat on 8 week old baby 8 weeks old, 13 pounds 10 ounces in size small. This is folding it as if it were a prefold. The fold probably has a name but I just call it "the pretend it is a prefold and make a rectangle and pin it just like a prefold" fold. This is my favorite fold and the one I like to use most change after change. I (Karen) think this is THE most comfortable way to diaper baby. It happens to be the least expensive but I really do think this is the BEST! So comfortable for baby. Amazingly soft unbleached fabric. Total freedom of movement for baby. Great containment because it's pinned. It fits birth to potty learning. Easy washing (HE machine-friendly, handwashing-friendly) and easy to dry. This truly is the perfect diaper. I do really enjoy pinning, so that makes it fun too! It's easier than you may think. Try these diapers. Really. Even if you end up not using them as diapers, you still can't go wrong because they are also the most fabulous dishtowels you could ever use.

unbleached birdseye flat4.5 months old, 16 pounds.

birdseye flat diaper2 months old, 14 pounds

unbleached birdseye 5 months old

unbleached flat diaperdoubled (2 diapers) on a 3 year old.

unbleached birdseye flat diaper8 months old, 22 pounds.

birdseye pinned diaper 7 months, 19 pounds


Size small Birdseye is better for young babies, but it is possible to get large into a Flip on the smallest rise setting. This is a bulky for a young baby but it can work. There are many ways to pad fold. This is just one idea:

step 1 pad fold large birdseye flat diaper step 2 padfolding flat diaper step 3 how to fold a diaper

flat in Flip diaper cover step 4 folding a flat diaper Size small birdseye flat does fit better than large in any newborn or small cover and also small is better in the Flip at the smallest setting.


Pad-folded in a cover:

small pad folded flat    You can adjust the length by folding into longer or shorter length. The straight, unadjusted pad fold is simply:

Fold the diaper in half

Fold the diaper in half again to make a square

Then fold to the rectangle pad. It's super-easy. It's like folding a napkin. Or, you can fold the both sides in as shown below.

birdseye flat diaper

how to foldfold into quarters

fold sides infold the sides in

diaper in newborn coverplaced in Bummis Super size newborn

flat diaperJust the right thickness and absorbency for a young baby

Layer 2 or 3 diapers for an older baby. Use unpinned in wrap style cover, or pin it under anything.

birdseye diaper snappiCan be pinned or snappied. This is Snappi fastened. This is 2 Flat Diapers. One on the outside that you can see which is Snappied. Inside this is another flat folded up long and thin like a doubler.

How to fold a flat diaper into a prefold shape

There are many fancy folds you can find pictures of how to do online. I'm not coordinated enough for them. But, I am familiar with prefolds, so I make my flats into "prefolds", that is, I make them the same shape as a prefold. ANY size prefold. Like this:

Fold one end to get your desired length

fold diaper to length For extra absorbency for older babies, I fold a second flat into a narrow rectangle.
fold it in Fold sides in to get the width you want.
pinned flat birdseye diaperPins work nicely with flats. Or use unpinned in Bummis or other cover.


Origami Fold in pictures:

  fold down back to shorten for a young baby.

On a newborn, use the origami fold shown above, then fold the back down to make it shorter, then:

birdseye diaper

birdseye diaper white fold up the wing to make it narrower

birdseye folding fold in the wing then bring it to the front

folding diaper same thing, other side: fold up wing to narrow, fold in, bring to front

snappi diaper attaching snappi

folding flat diapers

fold flat diaper

flat diaper image Thirsties Cover size XS. The larger newborn covers work over this, such as Litewrap, Imse Vimse, Thirsties, pull-ons and wools. But not Bummis newborn covers. Bummis don't have enough height at the hip for this much diaper.

See another set of HOW TO PICTURES on a different newborn baby HERE .

Go retro! Birdseye flat diapers are versatile. Flats are so easy to wash and dry! These are the favorites for handwashing situations, traveling, adoption trips, homesteaders, missionaries, shared laundry and laundromat washing situations - anytime easy washing and quick drying is important. Plus, they are the most economical way to diaper a baby. Add covers, and you may be able to diaper a baby birth to potty for not very much money at all. Medium or large also work as receiving blankets, and have a multitude of uses. Ours are custom milled for us out of soft "Indian" cotton made in Pakistan. They are not made in China. Most places don't tell you the fully shrunk dimensions, and some don't even tell you the before washing dimensions, so who knows what they are. Made in Pakistan.


Cloth-eez Unbleached Square Birdseye Flat Diapers

birdseye unbleached square diaper old fashioned cotton diapers White one-size has yellow edge stitch, large has green edge stitch  

100% cotton birdseye diaper that shrink to close to a square. The size called "one-size" shrinks to about 27.5 inches by 27.5 inches, and 28x29 inches before washing. Size large (not always available) shrinks to about 29x29 inches when shrunk. 33x35 inches before washing. Now, birdseye is a variable fabric and they will never be perfect squares consisently with any brand due to the nature of the fabric, but these are the most "square" birdseye we have had in many years. We think these the best we've ever had overall for squareness after washing and they are soft. Unbleached is a little softer than white, but white tend to lay a bit flatter at the edges than unbleached do. Versatile and easy-washing. Please don't expect perfection for squareness. It's just not possible with this fabric. They are very nice, high quality cotton birdseye weave. For easy size identification, small has a yellow edge stitch on 2 ends and large has a green stitch on 2 ends. Conventionally grown cotton made in Pakistan.


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