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Thirsties Duo Wrap - Snap

Thirsties Duo Wrap - Snap
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Size one 6-18 pounds (see notes above, we think it runs smaller, 4-15 pounds or so)

Size two 18-40 pounds (we think runs smaller, more like 15 pounds to about 30 pounds)

Aplix Hook and Loop version is here

There are many print choices. Use the scroll bar in the drop down box to see all of the choices.

road trip thirsties print Road Trip in stock.

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beach bum babies thirsties

See this on a baby

These are not the same fit as the Thirsties sized covers, which are here and do not come in snap closure. The fit is trimmer and the size runs differently. They are very nice, but please read comments here, because I don't want people assuming they are the same as the others but with rise snaps when they really do run differently - narrower and trimmer. I think the size change might come at 15 pounds not the 18 pounds recommended below (baby shapes vary of course, so weight recommendations are always a rough guess). Great over unpinned prefolds. Size one fits over orange edge or yellow edge. Size two fits over red edge or brown edge Cloth-eez prefold diapers, trifolded and just layed in the wrap. A no-pinning delight or use over fitted diapers such as Workhorse diapers. 100% polyester with TPU laminate FREE of VOCs, PVC, phthalates, lead, and latex. Made in the USA.

woodland prints

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If your toddler outgrows the size 2 cover, check out the Thirsties Cover in size large. Thirsties Cover (not the Duo version) is the next size up from the Thirsties Duo Wrap size 2.

Also check the SALE page in case we have some discontinued colors there.


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Nov 8, 2013
These are the workhorse covers of our stash. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old and both have been in these covers since birth. They were both 9 pounds at birth and outgrew the size 1 by 2 months old, but the size 2 is still working on my 3 yo. We use them over flats and prefolds, with pins or snappi when they were little but mostly pad-folded now. I have had snaps and aplix and prefer the snaps. I have not tried the new aplix. These hold up very well and though I have other types of covers that currently need to be replaced, the duo wraps I have been using constantly for over 2.5 years now are still going strong. Fabulous cover!
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Nov 4, 2013
I like the Thirsties Duo Wraps because you can adjust the sizes. I feel like this saves money so that you do not need as many covers from birth to potty training. I recommend the snaps. After only 2 months my Aplix velcro is coming undone when my baby kicks his legs. I wish the covers were a little more light weight since they are only a single layer of the laminate. My baby is growing out of the size 1 covers very fast. They run smaller in my case 7- 15lbs. He is ~14lbs now at 2.5mo and I thought we would be in them longer since the tag says 0-9 6-18lbs. Every baby is different! So far we have used them with the orange & yellow prefolds. Overall it is a leak proof economical cover. No blowouts yet!
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Nov 22, 2013
To say we love these covers would be an understatement. My husband flat out refuses to use anything else. These covers work great for all sizes of babies. We are foster parents and I've used them on very chubby babies and extremely thin babies. I love that you can tailor them to fit your baby at each size. You can also adjust for the thickness of your diaper. During the day we have them snapped one way and at night we double and snap a bit looser. I have also handwashed these since day one. It's never a very messy job because we use prefolds and snappis. If you handwash as needed, I think you could get by with two covers. Three are definitely plenty. That makes these way more affordable than other covers. So far my oldest baby I've used these with is almost ten months. It will be interesting to see if the size 2 cover fits until potty training. I think it will. I wish I knew about these covers when my son was a baby!
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Jan 3, 2014
I love everything about these covers! They double leg gussets have NEVER allowed a leak (except when we forgot to check if the GMD prefold was tucked in...oops! User error!). Even yucky newborn explosive poo is contained!
We use the snaps. Have one cover with the old aplix, and it's already wearing out after 3 months of use. Definitely recommend snaps!
I agree with some of the other reviews with the sizing. Our baby girl is 3.5 months old and about 15 pounds. She is on the verge of moving up from yellow edge to red edge prefolds, and the size 1 covers just don't have a high enough rise to cover the red edge prefold, and we don't want to fold down the prefold to make it fit. We snappi the prefolds. We're moving up to size 2, which fits great with the red edge!
We also use fitteds under the covers. The yellow and red edge fitteds both work great under size 1 covers.
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Oct 27, 2013
These are my favorite synthetic cover, I have both sizes and I have to say on my bigger babies the size one fits through the post cord stage of newborn and then the size 2 is fine so if you have bigger babies the size one isn't overly necessisary. The snap ones are what I like, I don't use synthetic covers often but this is what we reach for first if we do. They're more than I like to spend on this type of cover but worth it for sure. I like that they fit fantasticall over anything and have soft spandex edges that touch the skin on the gussets which I think us very nice and doesn't leave any marks. It contains well and the sizing works for us. I don't think a child will outgrow the size 2 unless they're a late trainer. Just be sure to wipe off the gussets if they're dirty or they may stain. The fabric on these is the best I've seen and the wipe clean is great, I would say depending on the child get between 3 & 6 of each size and you'll be set.
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