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$9.99 each 3-pack, Size 1, Triple pack, one-size fit most. Fits birth to age 3

$10.00 each 3-pack, Size Toddler for over age 3.

Usually only Size 1 is needed from birth to potty learning, but size 2 is also available for those who find they need it.

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Snappis are another really great option to fasten a prefold. Made of a stretchy polyurethane, they have grippers similar to ace bandage closures (but bent back around, not poking down) which hold the prefold in place without pins. I love these. Those moms who like these, really love them a lot! Give one a try. Fastening your prefolds saves you money. How? They help keep poop off the covers because they hold everything in place better than just laying prefold in a cover unfastened. When covers stay clean longer, you don't really need to buy quite so many. Many moms feel that everything works better when the prefold is fastened. Give it a try!

Because Snappis have 3 points to hold them, they stay in place and stay secure. You are supposed to use all three fastening points. Thus it makes sense to me (Karen) that the 3-point security of the Snappi is actually safer than other kinds of fasteners that we don't sell. Pinning still gets my vote as the best way to fasten a diaper, but I know not everyone likes to pin (I enjoy it!) so Snappis are the best alternative to pins. Always use a cover over it and do not allow baby to play with or pull at Snappis. CPSIA compliant. Made in South Africa.

snappi fastened workhorse See this on a baby

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Triple Packs, size 1:

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snappi toddler size 2 big snappis New Toddler Size. Most people won't need this size, but if it does become needed, it is nice to have this bigger size option. Available in Grey, Green Orange only.

snappi fastener instructions

Before first use, break in your Snappis.   Stretch the Snappi® by holding it in the center with one hand and with your other hand, grab close to the end of one of the arms, avoiding the sharp teeth, and pull. Do not grab the Snappi by the loops. Repeat this about 10 times for each arm. You will notice the material begin to soften up and become more elastic. Once you do this for each arm your Snappi Diaper Fastener is ready for use!

Holding the diaper in place with one hand, attach the Snappi® with the other hand in 3 simple easy steps: Hook Left, Hook Right, Hook Center.

hook lefthook rightsnappi hook center Please see detailed instructions.


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Feb 22, 2014
My husband was very reluctant to change a cloth diaper, and even more reluctant to use pins. I bought these and he loves them. (He still won't use pins.) My sister also cloth diapers and she loves, them, too.

It really seems to be a matter of personal taste and I admit that I have a preference for pins over these. Still, I love having these around because it means that I don't have to do all the diaper changing. They work well, too. They're a LOT like an Ace bandage clip.

I'm giving it 3 stars instead of 4, though, not just because I have a preference for pins (that would be unfair), but because there are some things that I really don't particularly care for.

1) I don't really understand the need to pull the little plastic piece over the claws. They aren't really sharp. Is this in case you drop it and step on it? Because I've done this WITH the piece pulled over it and it STILL hurts about the same. It does have that Lego aspect to it. On the other hand, it's not a pin, so it's not as bad anyway. Also, it's just another thing you have to remember to undo before you start the change or you might have to start the diapering over again with a squirmy baby. You can't really undo them with your free hand and teeth too well like you can with pins in a pinch. (I'm not recommending doing this, just admitting that I have, on occasion, resorted to this unsafe method to save myself from redoing the diaper.)

2) I don't understand the shorter, third claw that hangs off the bottom. I think this might be useful with cord stumps, but I've found that these hold so securely that you really don't need it. This is the one claw that is typically not attached when I go to change the diaper anyway. Maybe if you're trying to really compact that diaper into the cover? It really does make it more secure--but I'm not sure a diaper needs to be on THAT securely. Seems a LITTLE air circulation is a bit healthier.

3)You do need to put these on a little tighter than you would with pins to make sure they hold securely and don't pop off. I'm sure this is fine for most babies, but my daughter has EXTREMELY sensitive skin and it tends to hold the diaper too close to her skin and she tends to have a rash right along the area where the Snappi was fastened.

4) I found that it takes a bit more dexterity than pins do. You kind of have to hold both sides of the diaper where you want them with one hand and fasten this in place with your other hand. I have gotten the hang of it, and I CAN do it--it's just still not as comfortable for me as pinning one side with both hands and then the other. I've kind of learned a second method: just fasten it on one side and hook the other side somewhere else on the front of the diaper to keep the tension while I adjust the other side, so you CAN work around this.

I do love the colors, though. This is my first girl (number 4) so everything I can get in some shade of pink makes me happy. Even the fasteners. I know, it's silly, but I can't help it.
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Melody Tait
Aug 3, 2014
I bought 3 of these snappis and, while they worked fantastically for a while, the rubbery plastic that covers the teeth tore off after about 6 months of use. I'll still repurchase, but I wish it was more durable.
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Clare Randolph
Jan 30, 2014
I alternate between using the GMD pins and the Snappi (depends on what I'm doing). The Snappi is so great. When my mom saw one, she said she wished she'd had them for us when we were little. They work great for keeping everything together. Definitely order at least 3, though - I've already managed to knock one behind the dresser (a surprise she'll find when she's old enough to rearrange her room).
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Tammy Hojsack
Nov 13, 2013
Though we have only used the snappis for a short time since our baby is 2 months old. We love them. Neither my husband or I are dainty and these stand up to us stretching the heck out them. I am not sure why folks say their kiddos will take them off? If the diaper is inside a cover.....unless the kiddo removes the cover as well. (I hope she doesn't start doing that as she gets older!) We are very happy with them.
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Jun 12, 2014
I never used a snappi with my other kids so this took a bit of getting used to. Now after 3 months of using I love it. The ease of use grew with me and I find it much faster and simpler to use than pins. I kept poking myself with pins and although I'd rather poke myself than the baby I finally had had enough of it. This snappi has made diapering with flats enjoyable for me because I hate pad folding. Airplane fold rocks on my huge 3 month old and this snappi is awesome.
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