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Hemp Doublers

Hemp Doublers
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2.95 each   size small, 4x11 inches

3.95 each   size large, 5x12 inches

We recently renamed the "Hemp Doubler" to "Large Hemp Doubler" for better clarification. Before we called them small hemp doubler and hemp doubler (as you see in the picture), but now we are calling them small and large hemp doubler. The product did not change, we just changed the name to hopefully make easier to know which is which. Our Hemp Doublers are three layers of 55% hemp, 45% organically grown cotton. Hemp is very absorbent and technically more absorbent than cotton alone. I can't tell in real life and in my own testing, but that is what I am told. It's not the jersey kind, it's the thicker more absorbent fleeced kind. It’s mill washed so it won’t shrink too much. Small Hemp Doublers are 4 inches wide by 11 inches long. These are trim. Wonderful on newborns in Infant Fitted Diapers, but also good on older babies when you need a bit more absorbency and don't want to add bulk. It is narrow, so not it's bulky between the legs. The narrowness also keeps the fit correct of many fitted diapers since it's narrow enough not to interfere with the fit of the leg openings. This is really a wonderful, high-value (very useful) item. If you buy these when baby is young, you can keep using them all the way to potty training for a truly excellent value. The Hemp Doublers are 5 inches by 12 inches. More absorbency for an older baby. Made in the USA of imported material. Both the cotton and hemp are said to be organic, according to our fabric supplier, but at this time they are uncertified. Note: if you like to use borax a lot, choose 100% cotton instead of hemp. Made in the USA of imported material. All hemp is imported. There is no such thing made in the USA hemp. Most places leave off that tidbit about the fact that the hemp is imported even though cut and sewn in USA.

hemp diaper doubler Large Hemp Doubler on left is 5x12, Small Hemp Doubler is on the right is 4x11.

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Nov 27, 2013
I have 2 of each size. I love these, they are my favorite of all the inserts I have. I use the large one in her fitted night diaper. I use the small one for when I know we will be out of the house for awhile or with a flat. They are so soft and can go right against baby's skin. My baby has super sensitive skin and these are great for her. I plan to buy more!
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Oct 29, 2013
Love these! Really absorbent but super trim. They are also really soft unlike other Hempstead I've tried so they can go right up against babies skin if need be.
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Autumn Featherkile
Jan 24, 2014
Love these! I have folded some microfiber inserts into my daughter's flats that make her diaper really bulky. I have also just thrown one of these on top of a flat, next to her skin. These are soooo much more absorbent and less bulk! LOVE THEM!
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Jennifer Sandoval
Dec 24, 2013
Our son has to use diuretics at times and believe me, his diaper is SOAKED! We used to pack him pretty good with liners, doublers, and inserts to prevent leaks; however, after discovering these, never mind the fact they're dirt cheap, we were able to sell off all the other junk. These are so trim, absorbent, soft, great quality doublers! When our son was still a preemie, these worked amazingly as an insert. Now that he's a 9lb butterball, these add just the right amount of absorbency without the bulk.
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Nov 21, 2013
The perfect doubler. Nice and soft, this soaker keeps my daughter the driest and dries quickly too (unlike some cotton blends I've tried). The small works perfectly on my 50th percentile 4 month old daughter. Excellent quality.
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