Thirsties Clearance - Simple Tote Bag

Clearance prints!   Price is already marked way down.  Thirsties Tote Bag is the perfect accessory for a trip to the grocery store or the pool. The color-coordinated straps hang comfortably from your shoulder to make Thirsties Simple Tote Bag the perfect bag for the trip! Made in USA.

Two layers of PUL add strength and structure to Thirsties Simple Tote Bag, so you can stuff your stuff with confidence! 

There is no zipper. This simple two layer design has an open top.   

Spill water or juice inside?  No problem!  Toss it in the washing machine.   I love that it washes up so easily in the laundry.  Muddy playground?  No problem.  Sandbox toys?  Easy. It's so much easier to keep this clean this than it is to clean a backpack.  Take everything - use it hard - toss it in the wash. How cool is that?  This thing is great! It can really take it and still look beautiful.  Eye-catching fun prints.  Stand out in a good way.  Your friends will ask you about this awesome bag.  Waterproof fabric - double layer - so spills stay contained and don't get on you or the seat of the car.  

Going to puppy school?  Get Pawsitive Pals for the dog's gear.

Measurements: 16”W x 15.5”H 13” drop from shoulder.    The perfect length for comfort.

camp out simple tote bag Thirsties simple tote reusable bad and dad holding newborn baby  Thirsties simple totes kids at aquarium 

Simple Tote coordinates with other Thirsties brand products.

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