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Thirsties Clutch Bag CLEARANCE

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CLEARANCE Discontinued prints - get them while they last!

Thirsties Clutch Bag size 10.5 by 5.5 inches. Excellent for cotton wipes, washable menstrual pads or breast pads.  Have two of them.  Use one for clean and one for putting them in after use.  

  • Waterproof TPU interior prevents leaking and wicking
  • Bag measures 10.5”W X 5.5”H
  • Zipper closure keeps all your things in

Thirsties Clutch Bag is a more substantial, heavier weight bag as it has an inner lining of TPU.  This is a two layer bag.  Great for storing your spray bottle of wipes solution or even things with pointy ends like pencils. I put my checkbook and keys inside this and then toss it in the diaper bag when I don't bring my purse.  Super-handy for so many things!

The Thirsties Clutch Bag has a waterproof inside liner. 

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Clutch bag for menstrual pads Thirsties Clutch shown with Thirsties Menstrual Pads.

Thirsties Clutch Bag FloribundaThirsties Clutch Bag We All ScreamThirsties Clutch Bag ClawsClutch Bag Bundle of JoyThirsties Clutch Bag Up and Away

baby wipes in wipes container pouchClutch shown with Cloth-eez Two-Sided baby wipes.

clutch with contacts supplies  Clutch holds contact lens solution bottle, contacts, glasses case and a compact mirror.

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  • Waterproof TPU interior prevents leaking and wicking
  • Bag measures 10.5”W X 5.5”H
  • Zipper closure keeps all your things in
  • Protect the environment - Bags are suitable for all ages and eliminate the need to use disposable plastic bags
  • Cute, color-coordinated strap can be used to hang bag
  • The matching zipper seals the bag and keeps odors at bay

Reusable bags are not only economical and Earth-friendly, but now they’re fashionable, too. Do you need a small bag to carry wipes, cosmetics, crayons, or anything else you can think of?  Thirsties’ Clutch Bag will carry all your small things with a waterproof interior to prevent leaking and wicking and a color-coordinated strap for easy carrying in fun, Thirsties’ signature prints.

Fabric content:

100% polyester with waterproof urethane coating

Care Instructions:

Pre-wash warm, wash hot, rinse warm

Hang to dry or tumble dry low

Made in USA

The Simply Sustainable Collection from Thirsties.


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