Receiving Blanket - Limit 2

100% cotton printed flannel receiving blankets in various prints.   

30 x 30 inches before shrinkage.  

LIMIT 2 per customer.

These were overstock items that we had the opportunity to purchase. It's a bit of a grab bag mix of adorable receiving blankets.   As I spot check these, they look great to me.  Once in a while I see that a prior tag has been cut off, but rarely.  

They are simple cotton flannel and they are cute.   Extra receiving blankets are handy to have for various things. 

The color choices are generally described.  A yellow or green choice might also have some blue or pink in it, for example.   If you see a pattern that you prefer, just type a note in in the Order Notes section and we'll do our best to give your your described selection. We do read the order notes.  There are also other patterns not pictured. 

Limiting it to 2 per customer is needed because when the weight goes over a pound, it costs over $8 to mail it.   This is a no-profit margin item so the actual shipping cost is the reason for the need to limit it.  We will enforce the 2 per customer limit manually for now until we get the code updated, which also means that placing mulitple orders of 2 won't work.  The only other options we have are to only offer it as a freebie and not offer it for purchase at all, or to raise the price to cover the shipping cost, but we really don't want to do either of those.   We want to offer this bargain item as a little add-on to an order.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in only adding up to 2 to your cart.  Thank you so much!  

Limit 2 really means 3 total if you buy 2 and get the free one also.

Made in Pakistan.

Get one for free with your order over $49.00 by adding it to your cart from a different page here.

receiving blanket



 pink hearts receiving blanketreceiving blanket hedgehogsreceiving blanket star print



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