LanaCare Ekstra Nursing Pads

LanaCare Ekstra Nursing Pads

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LANAcare Ekstra merino wool breast pads (LANACare Ammeindlaeg Extra/Nursingpad EXTRA).  BIG, soft absorbent and breathable nursing pads.

XS (12 cm - 5 in.) A or B cup - larger than most disposable pads. (sold out)

Small (15 cm - 6 in.) - B, C or D cup – most commonly recommended size (they are pretty big!) (sold out)

Medium (18 cm - 7 in.) - DD or larger (sold out)

The Medium Ekstra Nursing Pads are big enough to cover so that the edges don't show up as edges through clothing. Bigger is actually better to keep pads hidden and these are significantly bigger than the others. At about 7 inches in diameter, medium are are well-suited to larger cup sizes. 7 inches is about 18 cm. The picture does not do this justice.

  • Ekstra - with a third layer of felted wool, between 2 layers of knitted wool, for greater barrier effect and absorption.

There are several versions of wool pads.  We carry the Softline and the Ekstra versions. This version is the Ekstra version. It has a third layer of felted wool between 2 layers of the soft wool. This gives you a greater barrier effect than other wool pads and also great absorption. I choose to carry Ekstra because, to me, the extra layer of wool is needed because if I'm going to spend the money for lovely wool nursing pads, I want them to work.  I'm a heavy leaker. A lighter leaker would be fine with the Softline version. Wool can absorb 40% of it's weight in moisture without feeling wet. When the pads do start feeling wet, it is a warmth not a cold and clammy feeling like the disposable kind. Wool is so much nicer.  Wool is not waterproof like plastic so don't expect wool to act like plastic..  It is absorbent and holds the drips in the wool fabric comfortably.   Karen says, "You have to feel the LanaCare wool to appreciate it's true beauty and softness. I find wool to be much more comfortable than plastic or even cotton because with wool, I don't get that uncomfortably cold feeling." 

Here is the write-up from LANAcare:

These incredibly soft and soothingly comfortable nursing pads provide the best conditions for successful breastfeeding.

LANACare Nursing Pads Are Superior to Cotton or Disposable Pads

• Most women need only 2 - 3 pairs and 1 bottle of Lanolin Soap for the entire nursing period. Economical, in the long run, compared with the repetitive cost of disposables. And environmentally friendly! • Wool wicks moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable, even in warm climates. When the pads do feel wet, they're warm, not cold and clammy as with cotton or disposable pads. • Your skin is kept dry and able to breathe, allowing sore nipples to heal. Since LANACare pads contain lanolin, use of lanolin ointment is a perfect combination of treatment for sore nipples. Many women have claimed that once they began using these pads, their nipples began to heal and breastfeeding “turned around” for them. • Scandinavian midwives have, for centuries, advised mothers to keep their breasts warm to prevent plugged ducts and mastitis. Larger sizes give protective coverage over greater a portion of the breast. • With larger sizes, the edge of the pad falls further back on your breast, making pads LESS noticeable through clothing. • Natural fibers of wool allow skin to breathe, maintaining a comfortable temperature even in warm climates. Moderates temperature, for comfort even when moving between hot outdoor climates and cold air-conditioned inner climates. • Women LOVE these nursing pads – how often do you hear that about a nursing pad??

For most women, two pairs are all you'll ever need. When one pair feels wet, let it dry while wearing the other pair. The lanolin is activated and cleans the wool as it dries. The moisture evaporates away and only the milk solids are left. Eventually, depending upon how much leakage you have, you'll feel the center of the pad get "stiff" or you'll notice white powdery milk spots. First then, will you need to wash them. Wash by hand in lukewarm water with mild hair shampoo or in Lanolin Soap or a good wool wash or gentle bar soap.  Adding a little vinegar to rinse water is ok.

LanaCare Softline Nursing Pads are available in more sizes. 

See our full line of beautiful LanaCare organic wool items!

Made in Lithuania. 

compare wool nursing pads 7" size medium is pictured

Disana Nursing Pads Size Compare

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United States United States

Almost perfect

These breast pads are very comfortable and fit well, however they can't keep up with my let down. I don't trust them to prevent leaking through my shirt.

Amanda S.
North Carolina North Carolina

LanaCare Ekstra Nursing Pads

These are the only nursing pads I will wear. The wool is a lifesaver for someone like me… constantly struggling with painful nursing. The wool is the ONLY way to go!

Allison M.
Illinois Illinois


I wish I would have bought these sooner!! Worth every penny! I eyed them for a long time and finally decided to take the plunge. I had my 4th child a few months ago and I can not believe I waited this long to buy these. SO great!!

Kara N.
Maryland Maryland

Baby shower gift

I gifted this to a good friend for her baby shower. These were a life saver during breastfeeding for both my sons who had Initial tongue tie. I honestly don’t know how anyone could use anything else. You need to hand wash them once a week with wool wash and they keep you warm and comfortable and prevent a host of challenges. I had two pairs and hope my friend lives them as much as I do!

Jess P.
United States United States

Totally worth the money

I wore these with my first & had a great experience. No leaking through, no clogged ducts or mastitis. No stink & I honestly didn’t wash them the entire time (yeah embarrassed to admit, but they never seemed to need it). It wasn’t until I had my second & finally used Bamboobies as a back up(I only bought one set of LanaCare pads & washed them finally) that I realized how great these are! I was a wet mess without them. I put them back in my tank top before they were totally dry because I couldn’t stand the others. They didn’t feel wet or cold because wool is amazing!

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