Hemp Doublers

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Hemp/cotton doublers provide additional absorbency. Made in USA.

Stock Status: In stock as listed.  Usually ships the same or next business day.  

Size Small, 4x11 inches  

Size Long,  4x14 inches

Our GMD Hemp Doublers are three layers of 55% hemp, 45% organically grown cotton. Hemp is very absorbent and technically more absorbent than cotton alone. I can't tell in real life and in my own testing, but that is what I am told. It's not the jersey kind, it's the thicker more absorbent fleeced kind.

It’s mill washed so it won’t shrink too much. Small Hemp Doublers are 4 inches wide by 11 inches long before washing and the Long are 3 inches longer but the same width, before washing. These do not shrink much in width; they shrink about 1 to 1.5 inches in length. These are trim. Wonderful on infants, but also good on older babies when you need a bit more absorbency and don't want to add bulk. It is narrow, so not it's bulky between the legs. The narrowness also keeps the fit correct of many fitted diapers since it's narrow enough not to interfere with the fit of the leg openings. This is really a wonderful, high-value (very useful) item.

If you buy these when baby is young, you can keep using them all the way to potty training for a truly excellent value. The size long gives you some more absorbency for an older baby. Made in the USA of imported material. Both the cotton and hemp are said to be organic, according to our fabric supplier, but at this time they are uncertified. Note: if you like to use borax a lot, choose 100% cotton instead of hemp. Cut and sewn in the USA of imported material (all hemp is imported. There is no such thing as hemp that is made in the USA as far as I know; most places leave off that tidbit about the fact that the hemp is imported). Custom made for Green Mountain Diapers by a grandma for over 12 years. Her sewing work is  wonderful.  Since there is just one person sewing these we sometimes sell out of them faster than she can sew them. I apologize for the occasional times that they are out of stock. When this happens it is usually only for a short time so check back again soon.

Unlike the cotton Cloth-eez Doublers these doublers lay flat after washing. The Sherpa Doublers also lay flat nicely, but these are more absorbent than the Sherpa Doublers.  The Sherpa is usually softer than the hemp however.  Everything has trade-offs. These Hemp Doublers are also available in a Stay-Dry version.

hemp doublers hemp close up

Made in the USA from domestic and imported materials.

Natural fibers change with use and washing.   Hemp/cotton is fluffy when new but that will change with washing.  Hemp is a dense material which makes it more absorbent than cotton.  It will look like the one on the left in this picture after a while.

hemp after washing Old the left, new on the right.   Natural fibers change over time. Size small shown.

Each size and kind has unique edge color stitching for easy identification.

Small is white/white.

Long is pink/blue.

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A Green Mountain Diapers Customer
Laurie C.
Michigan Michigan
Love them

Love how trim these hemp doublers are in the diaper!

Abigail H.
United States United States
Small but mighty!

These work great with cotton prefolds for some extra absorbency at night. Also good in a pocket for naps if you need some extra time between changes. Highly recommend!

Claudia K.
Oregon Oregon
Drier to the touch

I love these! My 3 month old baby is very sensitive to wet diapers. Wet diapers wake him up without leaking. I add these to my daytime cotton fitteds (pooters brand) and they allow my baby to sleep longer at nap time. Even though the regular hemp/cotton doublers are not technically stay dry, they feel drier to the touch when wet than my cotton diapers do, so he is not as bothered by the moisture. They don’t take forever to dry in the dryer either (way faster than bamboo fitted diapers, faster than workhorses, longer than flats, about the same as my cotton pooters). They definitely get rougher over more washes as is stated and is true of all hemp blended fabrics. I wish they would stay fluffy and soft forever but they still work and the roughness doesn’t bother my baby. Pictured is a newer one on top of an older one.

Green Mountain Diapers Hemp Doublers ReviewGreen Mountain Diapers Hemp Doublers Review
Kayla B.
Georgia Georgia
Our favorite

These boosters solved our leaking problem!

Becky H.
New Hampshire New Hampshire
Perfect for overnight!

My heavy wetter and heavy sleeper (7p-7a) does great overnight with a workhorse fitted and one of these slim hemp doublers tossed under the tongue. I was tired of picking him up in the morning sopping wet despite all of our attempts at different types of diapers/folds/etc. This setup did the trick!

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