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GroVia Shell is a hybrid diaper cover that has snaps inside for the snap-in soaker pad sold separately.

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Shell only (absorbency is not included, see Organic Cotton Soaker Pads)

One size fits most

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GroVia Shell is a hybrid diaper cover that has snaps inside for the snap-in soaker pad, sold separately. The Shell is designed to allow for multiple wears between washes and uses the industry's best materials. For use with GroVia Soaker Pads, GroVia BioSoakers, and other absorbent diapers.

GroVia calls it a "shell" but the common word is "diaper cover" - they mean the same thing - the waterproof part that goes over something absorbent. The special thing about this is that it has snaps inside it. It is designed specifically for use with the GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker Pads or Stay Dry Soaker Pads, which are sold separately.

Shell only (absorbency is not included, see Organic Cotton Soaker Pads)

You can use anything that fits in there that is absorbent (and ignore the interior snaps) such as a prefold. They are very trim fitting, so the small yellow edge prefold is usually the correct size inside this trim cover at the highest rise. Choose newborn orange edge for smaller rise settings. If you want trim, this is it. Of course, the trimmer it is, the smaller it is, which means it is not going to be as absorbent as a big and bulky diaper, but that is always the trade-off. The best use is of course with the soakers that are specifically designed for it. Organic Cotton Soaker Pads. The GroVia Soaker Pads in the GroVia Shells make a very trim, very easy to use system.

The shell is made of 100% polyester with TPU waterproof layer with a polyester inner mesh layer.  Made in China.


Note from Karen: This is trim and it can be used over prefolds by ignoring the inner snaps that are there to attach the snap-in soakers. I find that the small yellow edge prefolds work nicely on the the highest rise setting. The medium prefolds are a bit too much for this trim cover in my opinion. 

Snap Closure:

GroVia Shell Snap Polar Pool PartyGroVia Shell Snap FableAbalone GroviaCalico Grovia Snap shellGrovia Snap shell vanillaGroVia Snap Shell diaper cover chiffon yellowGrovia Snap Shell Haze GroVia Snap Shell rose pinkmarsala red cloth diaper cover groviabasilGroVia Shell Snap Cloud Grey 

click here for pictures on a baby link to soaker

Link to GroVia Shell Hook and Loop version. 

GroVia Shell is a hybrid diaper cover that has snaps inside for the snap-in soaker p

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Kerry U.
United States

Love the print and easy to use!

Super cute print [Polar Pool Party] and easy to use!

Sarah O.
United States

these are a great option

I really like these. When it comes to thinking about covering prefolds and fitteds I'm all over thirties duo wraps and wool... those things also work well with flats but these cover flats nicely too, I can get such a good fit over them and a really trim hand secure diaper. I also really like the snap in organic cotton soaker pads. When I use them I always use an extra doubler. Its not that they leak without the doubled but sometimes moisture leaks into the inner mesh and then the cover has to be switched out and also for extra insurance that I've got enough absorbency in there, you never know when you'll be headed somewhere in the car and baby will pee so much pee. Anyway that's convenient because I can toss a wet dry bag in the car with a cover and a couple pads and be good for an outing and its very sitter friendly, like I can say here are five covers and they have pads in them and this is the front... people can handle it and it looks modern and acceptable to all those nervous... no pins or snappies. I like the inner mesh, it keeps the pulp from touch and sticking to baby, I like how these stretch and how somehow they fit on skinny and chunky babies from a very small size through potty learning. You can use them as a swim diaper with no trouble. They wash clean and hang to dry quickly. You can reuse the same cover until its been soaked or soiled so you may be able to get through a day with three... if you wash every 36 hours and have 6-8 this should work out... they can't be wiped out so I recommend 8 to be safe if you use these full time. Also just so you can have a couple just in your bag so youmcan run out. If you have 3 pads and maybe doubles for each cover you'll have 24 which I think is good for the most part. If you feel that's a little short 4 each will be plenty hands down. Now youncan use flats in them too if you run out of pads so dont stress too much... the pads come in 2 packs and you don't have to buy grovia doubles you can buy a pack of any cotton, hemp or bamboo of a similar size and spend what makes you comfortable. So say you buy 8 covers and 16 pads (8 packs) and then a dozen and a half flats and enough doubles... you can make this work without investing a ton but it is a good investment. This is a GREAT daycare diaper or any setting where you say here this is what to do and leave. Snap in a pad and pop in a doubler and put it on, they can toss the pad in the wet bag when wet or whole thing when soiled and have pads and full diapers made up waiting. It takes up less space than taking a dozen all in ones and you don't have to worry they have all your stuff and are going to do something weird and mess it up. This washes easily and you can hang them all up if you like. Its a great system for those looking to save on the dryer or who use a facility to wash and want to come home and hang them and save time and money or homesteaders handwashing ... yep I've done it, yep they look like new... I've been buying these about 6 years. I was skeptical about the system because I love my natural fibers under wool but this really is convenient and my kids wear them out and to church they fit under more snug baby clothing so they don't give the big fluff bum under a dress or trousers. Very sturdy snaps and they don't have double guesses but instead hold neatly right around the leg and if you have the pad that has a gusset too. I like these better than all in ones because they really do hold up better to the wash and wear around the legs and they dry quicker and are more cost effective.

Araby K.
New York

easy diaper cover

this is the easiest to use of the different diaper shells or covers i have purchased. the downside is my 10 month old can undo the velcro now, so he always has to wear pants or at least a onesie. But snaps prolong the fussing and frustration during diaper changes, so velcro it is.

A Green Mountain Diapers Customer
Danielle R.
United States

Beautiful and comfortable, but not for top end of the weight range

The texture of this cover is awesome, and the designs are unbeatable! But the weight range is a little more narrow than described. Definitely go for it if you have a smaller baby!

Heather H.
Tempe, Arizona

Great covers, even with flats.

We have two Grovia covers now and we use them with muslin and stretchy flats. I love how trim they are! They are also very well made. They are a little more expensive, so we have more Thirsties covers and we love those also, but if we could use these exclusively for daytime we definitely would.

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