GroVia Buttah Newborn All-in-One

The GroVia Buttah Newborn All-in-One Diaper is a great solution when you need a simple to use diaper.   The outside of the diaper has laminated polyester velour, which is soft.  IMO certified organic cotton inside. 

 Fits babies 5-12 lbs

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Diaper Preparation
(This is an important step...don't skip it!!)
• Wash hot with detergent and tumble dry, repeating this process 5–6 times before first use(they will continue to gain absorbency with more washing).


  • Remove as much solid matter as possible.
  • Place soiled diaper in a dry diaper pail - no soaking necessary.
  • Wash every 2 days on warm with detergent.
  • Tumble dry low.
  • Do NOT use bleach, enzyme cleaners or fabric softeners.



 Made fairly & conscientiously in China.

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