Flokati Luka Two-Ply Wool Pad

Fluffy, soft and snuggly merino wool 2-ply merino wool pad.  Wool is on both sides, knit over a polyester backing for strength and durability.

Size Medium 95x135cm: in inches:   37" x 53".   This is larger than the surface of a crib.  A crib measures 28x52 inches whereas this is 37x53 inches. 

Size Full 135x200cm:  Slightly longer than a full size bed.   Inches:   53" x  78.74".  For reference, a full bed is 53″ x 74.5″

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Made in Lithuania.  

Materials: 100% merino wool, exclusive of trim

Certificates: WOOLMARK, OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

Why choose a wool pad for your baby?  Babies love wool!   They soothe to it.  Some say a wool is like magic for calming a baby.  It works the same way for adults, too.  

I absolutely LOVE this for diaper-free time.  Put a prefold or something absorbent over it in the place where that might be needed and get down on the floor with baby with the phone on airplane mode and play, sing and enjoy the time together.  Grab a little potty or top hat potty and give EC (elimination communication) a try as you spend time observing baby and notice the elimination cues.  It's like a giant wool diaper cover.  Some absorbency over it that you change out promptly when wet and no worries. The wool is fine and does not need to be washed and the flooring under stays dry. Soft and soothing wool is so enjoyable. Babies love their supervised diaper-free time on this.  

Not for use in a crib.  It is fluffy and has "loft" to it so don't use it in a crib and do not use it for a young or sleeping baby.  This is for use on a bed either with a sheet over it or without if you prefer.   Wool is often used as a diaper cover fabric because of the absorbent nature of wool and the resistant nature of it because of the natural lanolin on it so if you have proper absorbency on baby, under baby, over this, it will both resist and absorb moisture keeping underneath it protected.

It's really snuggly and lovely.  I find this two-layer Luka version to be fabulous as a mattress topper or mattress pad, while the one-layer Almond version is nice as a blanket, but could also be a topper.  Luka is too thick to be used as a blanket in my opinion. You can see in the picture below that it sticks out in the corner which means it doesn't "flop" around the body. It's a substantial amount of wool.

Flokati wool mattress pad on a bed

Flokati merino wool bed pad on a full size bed Size full 135x200 cm shown on a full size bed.

wool pad for babySize Medium 95x135 cm shown on a couch for size reference.

kids on Flokati wool blanket pad Size medium

Care: Hand wash using a proper wool wash (not a harsh detergent). We recommend Eucalan but there are several good brands of wool wash out there. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Do not tumble dry. Do not sun. Wool does not like heat of the dryer which will felt it.  Some shedding is expected for new wool. Some shrinking, felting and pilling is normal for soft, fine merino wool and it is the normal nature of wool to have variations in color and pilling. These are not defects. This is part of the natural beauty and the nature of merino wool. Wet wool does smell like a sheep because it is real merino wool.

Wool does not need to be washed often.  


Another great use for this wool pad is part of an easy-to-store guest bed.   An inflatable camping mat (or two of them if using the very thin packable kind) with this over it and a sheet might just be more comfortable than your mattress! The wool over the inflatable turns the camping mat into something lovely, temperature-regulating and without any metal springs. No off-gassing foam, either.  Placed on the floor, no one falls out of bed.  It folds away easily conserving storage space, but you just might want to keep sleeping on it if if you find that it is more comfortable than your regular mattress.