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Big Woods
Prairie Flowers
Mid Century
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Flip is an exposed laminate PUL cover with a snap-down rise and stretchy side tabs. Snap closure. One size fits most. Works great with prefolds. Made in USA.

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Adjustable one-size fits most

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An exposed laminate PUL cover with a snap-down rise and stretchy tabs. One size fits most. Works great with prefolds and fitteds too. This cover is known for it's great fit over a very broad size range. It is and excellent choice over trifolded prefolds and it also fits well over the Workhorse diapers, too. Tried and true bumGenius quality. Patented design made in USA.

Little House in the Big Woods collection New Little House in the Big Woods collection.  Little House on the Prairie prints.

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They look so much nicer in real life, I think. Lovely, gentle elastic that works. A very comfortable cover.

Flip Diaper Covers

*Fit is approximate and may vary depending on size & shape of your baby.

U.S. Pat. 8,518,007; 8,062,276; 8,777,915; D708,319; D708,320; D708,321; D708,739. Other U.S. and International patents pending.

Designed by a mom.

Made in USA of domestic and imported materials.

All Bum Genius and Flip products can ship to USA addresses only.

Please wash bright and dark colors separately or with like colors a few times before washing with light colors to avoid color transfer. Just like you don't put new jeans in the wash with white towels, don't put new brights in with white diapers at first. Once washed and prepped several times then it is ok to wash them with lights and whites. This is true for all brands of covers, all-in-ones and for pail liners and wet bags too.

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Ashley W.

Great cover!

I’ve been a fan and used bumgenius pocket diapers, but then got hooked on covers and prefolds. My local cloth diaper shop didn’t carry flip covers at the time so I stocked up on another brand. Discontent with the other covers and seeing the flip covers on sale I decided to give them a try. I wish I would’ve tried them sooner because they are so great! Love that there’s a flap in the front and back to hold my prefold in place and I still get the same great quality and fit of my bumgenius pockets but in a cover! Definitely recommend!

Santa Fe, NM

My favorite all-purpose covers

I have been using Flip covers through 4 kids. They fit will on skinny or chunky babies, are quite trim, work with fitteds or prefolds, and hold up well. I usually use Flip covers over fitted diapers (Clotheeze workhorse fitteds and *** Genius bamboo fitteds) when babies are smaller, and the use GMD Clotheeze red-edge (size medium) prefolds trifolded when my babies are bigger until potty training. What I like most about these covers is that they don't sag at the hips or legs. The stretchy hip tabs make it easy to customize the fit. I prefer these covers over Thirsties for this reason alone. The front waist of Flips are flat, which seems to fit better than those covers that have elastic around the front of the belly. Flip covers do not have double gussets, but I have found that I don't usually have leak problems. On the lowest rise, these covers fit a small yellow edge prefold or small yellow edge workhorse fitted quite well. At the second rise, they fit both medium red-edge and large brown-edge workhorse fitteds. You can squeeze a medium red-edge fitted in at the medium rise setting but it's bulky. At the largest rise setting, the medium red edge prefold fits perfectly. Flip covers are not quite as large as the size 2 Thirsties duo wrap or size 2 Blueberry Capri covers. So, if you have an especially large legged baby, Flip covers might not work until potty training. I had two small babies, and two larger babies. With my small babies, I could use Filp covers for everything. For my larger babies, I could only use the Flip covers during the day as they got closer to 20 pounds. The Flip covers just would not fit over all the nighttime diaper layers. However, I use Flip covers for all daytime use until potty training. In my experience, Flip covers last about 18 months to 2 years with daily use, before the waterproofing starts to fail around the leg gussets. For washing, I do every other day diaper loads. I wash covers separately from all my prefolds and fitteds in hot water, top loading washer, and hang to dry. These covers are easy to wipe out, so if there is no ****, you can use one cover for several diaper changes. The colors and prints are fun; and, if you care for them, the colors stay vibrant. I have tried many different diaper covers, and these are the ones I use most often. Highly recommend!

Christina Cypert
United States

Great for padfolding!

Awesome for padfolding. They are very trim. The wings are very narrow and don't offer a lot of coverage on the hips. They work over flats and fitteds but I prefer Thirsties covers for those because they have more coverage on the hips.

Rachel N.
United States

One of my favorites.

I really like this diaper cover, it really does fit a 7 lb newborn! One of my favorites of the ones I have!!

David S.


We love these covers over padfolded flats. They’re trim, easy to use, and they don’t leave marks on my son’s legs.

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