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Disana Knitted Merino Wool Sleep Sack. Made in Germany.

disana sleep sack on sale

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Size 65 cm for ages birth to 1 year 

Size 75 cm for ages 1-2 years 

see this on a baby

Lovely knit wool of the highest pure standards. Like the Disana Organic Wool Pull-On, but in a sleep sack style, and one layer (single knit, not double knit). The double layer cover offers more wet zone protection, but this single layer sleep sack does offer wetness protection also. Some people will like this coverless - using the wool sleep sack as the cover, but most often people will will use this over their regular diaper plus cover system. If you felt it a little (that is, carefully shrink it a little) it will perform well without a separate cover. Wool is wonderful at night! Use instead of pajama bottoms (or in addition). Excellent for the family bed over your night diaper and cover to be sure your bedding stays dry. With wool as pajamas, your bed is sure to stay dry. Why wool in a sleep sack style? Because babies kick off their covers. Sleep sack style allows baby's legs to touch each other skin to skin, which is not possible in pants. It's easy to dress baby, too, since you don't have to bother with getting baby's legs into pant legs. No fussing with a million snaps, either. Quick and easy on and off. Or you can use this as a blanket over baby's clothing. The sleep sack stays on baby, yet stays off baby's face, where regular blankets sometimes wander. So cozy. Old fashioned perhaps, but versatile and it does make good sense. So much nicer than the synthetic stuff you find everywhere. No comparison, really. Wool is naturally flame retardant and meets the standards for sleepwear naturally. No chemicals, no synthetics, no flame-retardant chemicals to worry about. And unlike the overly tight cotton pajamas, this fits and works great with cloth diapers! Finally! Pajamas that fit right, plus keep the bed dry. Use it over and over again without washing, so you probably only need to buy one. Don't forget your wool care products. Once you experience natural wool on your baby, you will just love it! When it is time to wash it, please wash by hand in a proper wool wash to keep it soft and in shape. Made in Germany.

The sleep sack is completely reversible. When baby gets a little older, turn it around put the buttons in the back out of baby's reach. The straps are sewn on to the back. Always inspect buttons and snaps or other fasteners with each each use. Some moms choose to modify the sleep sack and sew the arm straps on permanently which is quite easy to do with a needle and thread by hand. See Disana Sleep Sack on a baby.

Size note from Karen: I think the size jump happens much sooner than at age 1. I would change up to size 75 cm at 4 months old. But I like to slightly felt my wool sleepsack to get more moisture-resistance. Felting shrinks it and makes it thicker and more dense, which I prefer in my family bed. I felt the wool this by rubbing the wool fibers with my hands while the wool is wet with some woolwash. You don't have to do this. You can leave the wool soft and stretchy. If you want to felt it then the size jump really is sooner and it can even be possible to start a newborn in size 75 if you want to felt it, or if you don't mind it big. It will be very long on a newborn but it can make sense so that you buy only one of them. But, also consider that once babies begin to roll over and crawl, sleepsacks are inconvenient on a moving baby. Some babies still love them as toddlers, but others will not want a sleepsack once they become mobile. So, the baby's personality plays a factor here. But then again, you can felt and shrink it, so, the size is a decision to make. Or, just pick the color you like and go with it! See size comparison picture.

disana merino wool sleepsack greyDisana merino wool sleepsack berry pinkdisana merino wool sleepsack redDisana wool sleepsack roseorange disana sleepsack Also size 75 in navy blue

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I have used this on and off as a wearable blanket during the day time. I love that it is wool knit and is super breathable. A few weeks in, though, I noticed that the material has started pilling all over. I still continue to use it, but it looks like it’s been passed down a few generations at this point. As someone else mentioned, accessing the diaper area is a pain, you have to lift your baby out of the whole shebang and then if you wanna put your baby back in, you have to drop her in. I still continue to use it, but those are two area size I believe could use improvement.


We love this sleep sack.

We love this sleep sack. My son has worn this starting at 4 months and is still wearing it at 14 months. Its soft, breathable and keeps him just the right temperature at night. He is currently wearing the size 75cm and it has plenty of room still to grow. We prefer this sleep sack over the Aden and Anais sleep sack we have. A must have item for baby!


We had one of these for our son and used it until he was around 6 months old.

We had one of these for our son and used it until he was around 6 months old. Early on, when we were still doing changes at night (before he stopped night-pooping) we wished we had access to the diaper area with out undoing the whole shebang, hence the non-5-star-rating.


I love this, my first born wore it every night our first winter and until walking.

I love this, my first born wore it every night our first winter and until walking. It still looks brand new. A perfect way to keep a blanket on and extra protection for your sheets. Did I say I love this?

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