Disana Melange Merino Wool Pullover Sweater

Green Melange

Disana Melange Merino Wool Pullover Sweater. Made in Germany.

Size 50/56 is for 0-3 months

Size 62/68 is for 3-6 months

Size 74/80 is for 6-12 months

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Gorgeous unisex pullover sweater made of soft merino wool. Disana calls it a jumper, but in the USA we call it a pullover sweater. As with all Disana wools, they are made of 100% organic merino wool. They are soft and not scratchy like commercial wool. Wool is soothing to babies and they love it. It does not need to be washed often. Just wear it again and again and simply air it out between uses. When it is time to wash it, please wash by hand in a proper wool wash to keep it soft and in shape. Made in Germany.


What does "melange" mean? It means mixture. In this case it means a mixture of colors. See the melange wool knit closeup.

pictures of disana sweater on babies blue melange disana wool green melange wool natural organic wool

Coordinates with Disana leggings, overalls and booties.

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