Disana Boiled Woolen Wrap

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Disana Boiled Woolen Diaper Wrap. Made in Germany.

Stock Status:  Out of stock.   This item not currently being made by Disana.

All age/weight recommendations are approximate:

Size 62-68, (tag says 3-6 months) about 10-15 pounds

Size 74-80, (tag says 6-12 months) about 15-20 pounds 

Size 86-92, (tag says 12-24 months) about 20-30 pounds  

Size 98-104, (tag says 2-3 years) 30-38 pounds

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Because these are boiled wool, they have been felted already, thus these wraps do not need special preparation. You may want to size up if you are on the top end of the size range. As with all clothing, size recommendations are only guidelines; we cannot guarantee fit. I like this for nighttime only. The closure is hook and loop and it works but it's not all that great, yet it does the job for nighttime diapering. If you can use a simple needle and thread you can change the hook part to either make it smaller or turn it the other way to change it if you want to do that. Some have modified it to change into a snap cover. I wish this came in a snap version. But, as it is, the closure is okay enough and sufficient for nighttime, but it's not a good enough closure for daytime use, in my opinion.

The wool is fabulous though! It is thick and dense and works very well. But because it is boiled (pre-felted) the wool does not stretch. The cover doesn't stretch at the waist. That is fine at night when baby is laying down, but for daytime, I prefer a stretchier cover. Yet, for night, wool is breathable and works really well. If you need to change baby at night (which is a good idea and a common need) then having a wrap style could be just the right thing because you don't have to pull it down like you must with a pull-on. Thus, when you change baby in place, the wool cover can be opened and the diaper inside it changed without making a wet spot on the sheet and without having to put something under baby to keep the sheet dry. Wraps work well over unfastened prefolds, too, which can be handy for a quick change in the dark. This works over fitteds, fastened prefolds or unfastened prefolds. Made of organic merino wool. Made in Germany.

While most people use it the way it is, if you are crafty and can hand sew, you might consider changing or modifying the closure. Some customers have seam ripped it off and shortened or moved it and resewn it or replaced it. Some talented people have done some interesting things to customize it. I agree the closure is not the best. With some work and skill, it can be modified and customized to meet our fit and preference requirements. Of course, when you modify a product you do void the 90 day warranty and what you do is your responsibility. Always make sure you are doing things safely and not creating any choking hazards or other hazards any time you modify a baby product. The wool itself is amazing.

   inside of Disana boiled wool diaper wrap

gots Link to disana brand brand page.

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United States United States
Great night cover!

I have an 8 month old and have been using this cover over fitted hemp and bamboo diapers at night for the past 3 months. So easy to use because it doesn’t need to be felted, and never leaks! Her footy pajamas fit over it too (maybe a size up). Not sure if the Velcro would work during the day bc it’s not a perfect closure but great for nights. Also only have to wash it every couple weeks, it doesn’t smell! Velcro is a bit stiff as one reviewer mentioned but I put it over a diaper and under clothes so never had an issue with scratching. It is rather large but that makes it good for bulky night time diaper set up- have been using size 74/80 since she was around 12-13 lb (it was big!) and now that she’s ~16 lbs I still have a good amount of wear left in it.

Heather Z.
United States United States
Velcro is super sharp

Great cover except for the VELCRO! I was saddened that the velcro tabs have huge oversized velcro patches, with VERY sharp corners and too much scratchy side. Why was this a problem? Let's say that several times my chest and abdomen were seriously scratched by this cover while cradling my baby to nurse skin to skin. Also, she managed to scrunch her legs up and down so much that the scratchy part of the velcro totally scraped her and left her skin irritated and red. I even tried clipping off some of the sharp corners of the velcro edges with nail cutters but they still scratched me and her. The maker of these needs to ensure the adhesive velcro tabs have soft wool edging around them. I do NOT recommend these covers for this reason. We are sticking to snaps :)

Selina O.
United States United States
Excellent nighttime solution

These are GREAT night covers! I have tried many types and these have already become my favorite, no doubt. My 7-month old baby currently wears two flats to bed, one birds eye flat for fast absorption with a hemp/bamboo flat underneath. It is a bulky set up but it works for us all night 11-12 hours. The cover in 74/80 fits over it perfectly. I had a problem with compression leaks with my other less felted/non-boiled wool covers. I think the boiled wool provides superior protection against this. Even with the hook and loop closure (I normally prefer snaps) I'd 100% recommend this cover. Very hard to find something similar to this one

Andrea Q.
Oklahoma Oklahoma
Size Runs Very Big

I purchased these using the size chart and it does specify that the chart is not entirely accurate but I was not expecting them to be Huge! My toddler is slim but tall and met the size chart weight. I was excited to get these because I have been wanting to make the switch from PUL to Wool but I could only find expensive covers. This diaper has the right price and it was made well. I returned mine and had to pay extra shipping to receive a refund but I will definitely purchase these again. Just in the next size smaller. Also, I like the felting and how soft it was.

Jill H.
Utah Utah
Nighttime success!

I really love this wrap. It has truly been bulletproof for overnight. It does run large though. I had originally bought the 12-24 month size for my petite 1 year old but it went up to her nipples!

Green Mountain Diapers Disana Boiled Woolen Wrap ReviewGreen Mountain Diapers Disana Boiled Woolen Wrap Review
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