Diaper Cover Fabric - Denim Print

This is not actually denim fabric. It is a print that looks like jeans fabric.   

$8.00 per yard.

Yard goods.  Pre-cut one yard fabric sections about 58" wide.

Stock Status: If this is out of stock, we really do have the fabric on the roll but we have not cut it and added more to the site yet.  Please use the Contact us link and let us know what you want we'll get some cutting done and let you know when it's ready.  

We purchased rolls of fabric from a supplier making pocket diapers and diaper covers, so you know this is the right kind diaper cover fabric.

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You might make diaper covers, changing pads or have other creative uses for this lovely, waterproof diaper fabric.  It is often referred to as "PUL" but technically it is "TPU", which is polyester fabric with a thermoplastic urethane heat-bonded waterproof layer.  The fabric is imported but it was laminated in the USA.  

100% polyester. Imported fabric, laminated in the USA.

We can custom cut longer contiguous sections of fabric to order.   Go to Custom Cut Fabric.

 denim diaper cover fabric yard

Ideas for other uses:

Tablecloth pad:  Put a the fabric down on the wood table with the waterproof side down and it doesn't slip at all. Then put a tablecloth over that.   No tablecloth slippage and the wood is protected from spills.

Car trunk protector:   Protect your car from various spills and things.  

Under the kitty litter box. Sometimes the cats miss and it works really well for that too.   

Under the newspaper for puppy training.

Tarp alternative for over stacked firewood to keep the rain and snow off.

Under a blanket or towel for diaper-free time

Make your own wet bag. 

Under the tent.

Under a picnic blanket when the dew is still on the grass

Over a splintery picnic table at the park

Make your own changing pad.   Sew it to an XL prefold or a receiving blanket.