Clearance Newborn Workhorse Kit Version C

Clearance Newborn Workhorse kit with 24 diapers, 6 covers and 3 packs of 12 wipes.

Stock Status: In stock. Usually ships the same or next business day.

Size: Birth to about 11 pounds.

Definition: The diaper is the absorbent part and the cover is the waterproof part that goes over the diaper.

This kit includes:

Newborn stash with a 24 diapers, 6 covers and 3 packs of wipes using the bargain-priced Workhorse and a bit of a discount added with the right items and sizes already picked out in the kit.   A great gift or a convenient way to figure out what fits and works together easily.   Includes a free Cloth-eez Swaddle made of organic cotton.  


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