Cloth-eez Medium Diaper Pail Liner


Cloth-eez Medium Diaper Pail Liner. For pails that are knee-height. Made in USA.

It is shorter than a full size pail liner and it has a drawstring opening but big enough to hold a full load of laundry.

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The Medium Pail Liner's top opening is 49 inches in circumference, and it is 25 inches tall. But the height measurement is deceiving because pails are 3 dimensional and the height measurements are 2 dimensional. The tallest pail this can fit is a 19 inch tall pail, but it is best at 16-18.5 inches tall.

This size works if your pail comes up to just above your knees. Any pail that is thigh-high needs Thirsties, Blueberry, Gro-Via full size kitchen 13 gallon garbage can size.

This is not a tiny pail liner. It is generously sized and wide enough to fit many kinds of pails. It holds up to about 26-30 diapers. A typical laundry load for an average-sized machine is about 20 diapers as pictured below.

liner with 20 diapers shown with 20 diapers inside. It is roomy.

liner in 19 inch pail  A light green Cloth-eez Medium Pail Liner shown in a 19 inch tall Sterilte pail.

Comparison pictures and general information about Diaper Pail Liners

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