Flip Potty Trainer Shell Only - sale colors - OUT OF STOCK

Flip Trainer Shell in discontinued colors.

Flip Potty Trainer Shell Only. Made in USA.

Stock Status: SOLD OUT 

 One-size fits most from about 20 pounds and up, fits better on average to fuller, rounder shapes.

This the shell (cover part) only.  Absorbency is not included. Use your own cotton insert, prefold or flat diaper inside the shell (cover).

   See the regular stock Flip Trainer Shells.

Flip Potty Trainer Shell Only Images Link

Shell only.  This is the waterproof outer part. Absorbency is not included.

Stretchy sides for pulling up and down.   

Snaps at the side for just in case you need to unsnap it. the snap positions are adjustable for a good fit on a very large size range of ages of potty learners.  

austen   inside Flip Potty Trainer Shell Ribbit Ribbit is not a sale color, but this picture shows the stretchy sides with the snap adjustments.


flip training pant See more pictures 

The full Kit is sold here

All Bum Genius and Flip products can ship to USA addresses only. Manufactured by Cotton Babies.

   See the regular stock Flip Trainer Shells.

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