Blueberry One-Size Capri Cover

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Blueberry Capri Size One-Size with snap closure is a diaper cover with stay-put flaps. Made in USA.

One-Size (also called Size 2): 12-35 lbs    Waist: 15-23 inches, Thighs: 6-13.5", Rise: 15-19"

Stock Status: In Stock as listed.  Usually ships the same or next business day.

 Limited Availability Prints!  Orion, Coral Reef, Huggable, Wild North, Rainbow Waves, Shadows

The Blueberry One Size Capri Cover has an updated style to have less binding across the front and back. The fit is a bigger at the leg opening for this new style version, This version does not have the binding at the front wing area or across baby's back.    Chubby legs will fit this well.

This One-Size diaper runs quite large on a 12 pound baby but fits well beginning at around 4 or 5 months old or 15+ pounds at the smallest rise setting. It may fit to 40 pounds at the largest setting.

The cover is designed for tucking a diaper under the front and back flap. This is nice to help hold a trifolded diaper in place and it also keeps the PUL away from baby since the knit fabric is there on the flaps. But just because it has flaps doesn't mean you have to use them. You can still use this over fitted diapers or fastened prefolds! In a way, having the flaps there is the best of both worlds - wipe-clean and covered PUL. The part of the inside of the cover that is most likely to touch baby's skin is where the flap is, so that's nice. Yet the main part of the inside of the cover is exposed laminate which doesn't pick up moisture like the knit part can, so you may be able to re-use this through a few more changes than a true covered PUL cover. So it's not exactly a true wipe-clean but, like the Flip (Flip runs a bit smaller at the hips than Capri), it's mostly a wipe-clean cover. See the inside of the cover. The prints are really adorable. 100% polyester. Great for day or night. Roomy inside for adding doublers.  Made in USA.


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Chanel S.
Louisiana Louisiana
Well worth the initial investment

I love these diaper covers. I finally had to buy replacements when my sixth baby was born - they were shot after using them on my first five kids (10 years of use). Well worth the initial investment!

Andrea O.
Oregon Oregon
Great fit

The fit is wonderful over our BabeeGreen fitteds.

Kelly C.
United States United States

I have several Blueberry covers- going on 4 solid years of use and they still look brand new. I start using them when my babies are in prefolds size small through potty training. Repeat, repeat purchase!

Alicia D.
Massachusetts Massachusetts

The double gussets on this cover are great for a close fit on my skinny legged son. Also the inner flaps keep the liner in place easier than other covers I own when changing a baby who rolls everywhere during changes

United States United States
If you’re researching what the best cover is, THIS IS IT.

Blueberry has been my go-to brand since 2016. The majority of my "stash" are All-in-One Simplex diapers. And I love them, but they are not suitable for my heavy wetter at NIGHT. I tried the wool covers and the Sustainable Babyish OBFs combo, but I didn't like how the OBFs took a ton of rinses to get all the urine out and the wool was more thing I didn't need on my plate. Don't get me wrong, wool is awesome, natural, fun, and truly easy to maintain and prep, but I just couldn't keep up with it. More than once, I'd forget to wash the wool (and lanolize and air dry, which takes 24hrs-ish) and we had to use disposables. Oh and in the online wool community, the Blueberry Capri covers are king when wool is being washed! The Facebook BSTs and diaper groups speak for themselves. I digress. These covers are amazing. I've tried multiple brands and this is the ONLY brand that actually keeps in the blowouts, completely contain saturated inserts, and doesn't leave marks on the legs. For night time, we have Green Mountain Diapers (GMD) muslin flats. We use two of these flats and add a hemp layer (booster). We finish the whole thing up with this cover's failsafe. I trust that our bedding and clothing will be dry the next morning. The prints are super cute. I love how the tabs have a bit of spandex so there's some stretch when you're buttoning them on. To address the review of the snaps, I’m not quite sure how they were trying to put on the diaper if the snaps were causing a sagging issue. It sounds like they might need to look into how to install a cover properly and what to look for in a good fit. Perhaps they didn’t know that you can adjust the rise? Anyways, I used these on my two very different sized babies (chicken legged and thunder thighs) and they have been so versatile in their fit, no issues whatsoever. If you're on the fence about which cover to get, order one of these and try it out for yourself. They are the perfect combination of everything you'd want in a diaper cover. :)

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