Blueberry Freestyle Swim Diaper


Small: 10-20 lbs. Waist: 14-20 inches, Thighs: 9-12 inches, Rise: 17 inches

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Pay attention to the listed sizes. For average shapes, these are correct, but of course you do need to consider your baby's shape, too. You don't want to size-up for a swim diaper because a swim diaper that is too big will not function properly.

Freestyle is a reusable Swim Diaper, great for using either at the beach or the pool. Designed to contain accidents with the fully elasticized waist & thighs. The double side snap openings makes for easy changes on squirmy little ones. Light padding also offers leak protection for tiny accidents

Fabric Content:

Inner & outer layer: 100% polyester

Absorbent layer: 80% polyester, 20% nylon

Made in the USA

Washing Instructions: Wash and dry on warm (up to 140°F or 60°C) with detergent once prior to first use. Do the same for all other subsequent uses. No bleach or fabric softeners.

Note from Karen: The important thing to know about washable, reusable swim diapers is that they are designed to contain poop. They are not thick diapers and are not designed to do much at all about pee, just soil containment. This has some light padding, but don't expect a full pee-flood to be contained fully in the car seat in a swim diaper. Use a diaper when a diaper is needed. A swim diaper is not the same thing as a diaper and it not the same thing as a diaper cover. The fit is different. Proper swim diapers fit snuggly. They will not allow a big air bubble to form inside them and possibly tip baby's face down as the air rides up which is scary. The snugger shape of the swim diaper means they don't fill up with a big puddle of heavy water when you lift baby out of the water, either. A swim diaper that fits properly shouldn't be very saggy but should fit reasonably snug to the body. It also has wider waist and leg elastics to do the job of containment that it is designed to do. We do not suggest using diaper covers as swim diapers. Choose a real swim diaper for swimming. I won't sell swim diapers with hook and loop (Velcro or Aplix) closures because they snag on Mom's suit and damage the fabric. That is totally preventable by choosing a pull on or snap closing swim diaper. This one has snaps at both hips for easy access if needed, yet it is also quick to pull up and down, as is convenient for you. High quality made by Blueberry in the USA.

I really love this swim diaper because the elastic at the waist is wide and sturdy and the leg bindings are substantial. This is what I really want in a swim diaper - containment! It would be so embarrassing if my baby messed in our town public pool if it were not perfectly held in by the swim diaper. If it is not contained, the entire pool must be evacuated and closed for 24 hours so they can heavily chlorinate it! Swim lessons, day camp's open swim and water aerobics classes must be cancelled at short notice. At our town pool, this happens quite a few times every summer and I (very pridefully- I admit) don't want it to be my kid causing it, if I can help it. A snug fit and substantial leg elastics - yes, this is what I look for in a swim diaper for use at our local public pool. At the beach or a private pool perhaps it is not quite so critical, but for public pools - containment is vital.

Swim Diaper on Standing Baby  Swim Diaper on Baby in water Swim Diaper Open  You can see the shape is much trimmer and different than a diaper cover.  This is important to prevent air bubbles inside the cover. 

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    Love it!

    Great quality, great fit. Love the buttons for easy access! Very happy with this purchase.



    I got this for our first time swimming. Raspberry color was lovely and it fit great under her suit bottom. I got a small and my daughter is pretty long and almost 20lbs at 8months old.

    Mae K.

    Well made swim diaper.

    Well made swim diaper. I also like that if you have a poop, the snap option is there. I own the small size for my son. We used it more then we expected in the bath tub for bathing. My son is tall and thin, the small still fits him at 22 lbs. We bought it when he was about 12 lbs and got 10 months of use out of it. I would add a doubler for travel to the pool and pull it out before we hit the water.


    Adorable swim diaper with well known Blueberry quality! I love the snaps on the side which make taking it off and putting it on super easy.

    Adorable swim diaper with well known Blueberry quality! I love the snaps on the side which make taking it off and putting it on super easy. I got the snails print which is super cute. The only reason I gave it 4 stars vice 5 is that the crotch part is fairly narrow (which is standard for Blueberry diapers- same on the capri and the AIO). I just find it a bit narrow for my chunky monkey, but it does the job great.

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