Bummis Super Brite

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Formerly made in all sizes, now made in size Newborn only.

This is one of the few covers that truly fits a newborn with no gaps at the legs. It is tiny so use over preemie or newborn prefolds. Newborn fitted diapers are too big to fit under this truly newborn little cover. 9 pound newborns should start in size small, but for most newborns, it is just wonderful to have a great fitting cover for those very first weeks. It's also a good choice for preemies or small newborns.

super brite newborn Bummis Super Brite Newborn

bummis super britesize newborn, 7 pounds, 14 ounces

newborn baby in blue8 pounds, 6 ounces, 2 weeks old. Size newborn. These are little covers that are outgrown between 9 and 10 pounds. Great for the cord stump time! Just pull it up in back a little more than shown here and it be lower in front and sit nicely below the cord stump. I often have moms tell me these are "the only thing that actually fits right" for the first few weeks on average sized newborns, over preemie prefolds or orange edge newborn prefolds. This cover in size newborn is too tiny to fit over fitted diapers, in think. Shown here over a trifolded (unfastened) orange edge prefold. Also good on large preemies.

Below: Ready to change the diaper on a 2 week old. Baby has Bummis Super Whisper newborn over unfastened orange edge Cloth-eez. Next to baby is another Orange Edge Cloth-eez Prefold trifolded into a newborn Super Brite in blue.

bummis super brite bummis super briteJust put it under baby, bring it up between legs and fasten the tabs. Easy! Below is same baby after the change. The red edge prefold under baby serves as a changing pad.

bummis super brite2 weeks old, size newborn, over an unfastened orange edge Cloth-eez Prefold.


preemie baby diaper cover This cover can work as a preemie cover.

Bummis items are manufactured in North America and all materials are guaranteed to be free of lead, pthalate and BPA. Bummis has been around for a very long time and is an honored, tried, true and trusted brand with a great warranty. Made in Canada.

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