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Sales are not an everyday event at Green Mountain Diapers but we do have good sales and specials at times.   We are a straight-forward retailer and we can't stand tricky things and scam-style promotions.   Sure, sometimes you can get a great deal with a tricky promotion if you happen to want exactly that, but most often you can end up buying products you didn't really want or things that don't quite meet your needs just because there was a tricky promotion on something you would not have otherwiser purchased.  Be careful when you are shopping sales!  Do not buy things that are out-of-budget just becuase they were on sale.   You cannot save money that you do not have.   

Instead, shop wisely.  Figure out your budget.  Stick to it.  Make good choices that suit your needs on QUALITY products that will actually work for you.    If something is "too cheap" it probably is "too cheap" or junky.  Then when the snap breaks or the product fails, you might not have any warranty or get poor customer service, if any service at all.  Be wise.   Yes, don't spend too much but also be careful about being tricked into something on sale that really isn't what you need.     Slow down. Think. Discuss decisions with your spouse.    Don't end up with "buyer's remorse."     Ok, the lecture is over.    Now you are ready to shop.

Current sales or discounts are always shown on our sales page.    

We generally do not have coupon or promotion codes but sometimes we do. When we do, it will be for everyone and clearly stated on the item page and in banners across the top of the home page so that it is very noticable so everyone can find the cloth diapers on sale and enter the coupon or promo code to get the sale on their diapers.

Sometimes we do have second quality diapers. To find out about all of our sales and specials please join our Newsletter Mailing List.   

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