Mini-Coveralls Newborn Diaper Covers

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mini coveralls jungle jam on a newborn baby 8 pounds in Jungle Jam

1 week old in mini coverall diaper cover elephants 1 week old, 7 pounds (this elephants print has been discontinued but the fit is shown correctly)

2 days old minicoveralls 2 days old, birthweight 8 pounds 3 ounces, shown over newborn orange edge prefold diaper

mini coveralls jungle jam on newborn baby Jungle Jam over an orange edge prefold diaper on a newborn baby about 7 pounds

15 days old in tweets minicoveralls 15 days 9 pounds mini coveralls on baby 15 days old, 9 pounds

blue elephants bugsbutterflies dino party minicoverall geo printgiraffejungle jam mini cover all newborn diaper cover meadow green newborn diaper cover blueberry coverall paisley minicoverall newborn petals roundabout mini coverall snails mini coverall swirls mini coverall traffic mini coveralls new blueberry print tweets

Size note from Karen: I think some babies will outgrow these at more like 15 or so pounds, but that will vary depending on baby's shape. They do fit for quite a lot longer than most newborn covers do because the rise adjusts. Made in USA.

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