Blueberry Coveralls Pictures

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Blues! Many choices in many brands:

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coverall mint front snap on a 15 pound baby   coverall on 15 pound baby snaps   coverall on a crawling baby   15 pounds on smallest rise setting. It is roomy and comfortable but still fits very nicely on leg even though the cover has a ton of growing room and she is a petite baby. I really like the two rows of snaps across the front because this helps keep pants from falling in. It is a very adjustable cover for both petite and fuller, rounder-shaped babies.

 inside view of Blueberry Coveralls diaper cvoerBlueberry coveralls diaper cover leg gussett

kiwi coverall 6.5 months old 19 pounds of a flat birdseye diaper, snappi fastened

kiwi coverall on 6 month old

cow print coverall on a baby 4 months old over a Cloth-eez medium red edge Cloth-eez prefold

leg gusset on toddler nice leg gussett elephants on baby blueberry coverall front view 18 months old, 22 pounds, over a Snappi fastened medium red edge Cloth-eez prefold diaper. The cover is at the medium rise setting. There is still plenty of growing room in this cover.

toddler in coverall discontinued print This is a discontinued print but you can see that the Coverall is set on the medium rise setting on this 30 pound toddler. This one-size cover really is bigger than other one-size covers. It keeps on fitting on bigger toddlers when Flips and Thirsties Duos are getting too small or have been outgrown.

This cover is roomy and big enough to fit most toddlers.

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