Disana Boiled Wool Blanket (100 x 135 cm)

Disana Children's Boiled Wool Blanket with foot cozy section 100 x 135 cm or 40 x53 inches.  Made in Germany.

Size: Children's 100 x 135 cm which is 40 x 53 inches. 

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Just like the Disana Boiled Wool Blanket but in a smaller size of 40 x53 inches.   Lovely soft organic boiled merino wool blanket made in Germany. GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic. Please note the sizes and don't confuse the various sizes of boiled wool Disana blankets.  This is the smaller version.  This size is suitable for a child or small adult for use on the couch, for example.

This version of the lovely soft organic boiled merino wool blanket has serged edges and a triangular section of boiled wool in a complementary color made for keeping your toes cozy. The complementary color is used only on the foot section and the edges while the rest of the blanket is the main color on both sides.

Wool naturally balances body temperature unlike synthetics. Wool rarely needs washing. It self-cleans and airs out easily. Serious soiling will need to be hand washed out, but most daily moisture issues (such as spitup) can be promptly wiped off and it stays fine without getting smelly. While we recommend hand washing, you might choose to machine wash it IF you have a gentle wool cycle and you wash it with a good woolwash (not regular detergent) and air fluff it in the dryer for a short time then lay it to dry the rest of the way. Know your machine and what it does. Don't toss it in on hot with regular detergent or it will not stay as nice. Learn about wool. Once you understand the unique natural properties of wool you will see how easy it is to care for and enjoy how lovely it is and even possibly pass it down to your grandchildren. Because this is the boiled wool version, it is sturdier than the more delicate knit version. It contains more wool so it is heavier and warmer than the knit Disana blanket. Both are lovely but they are different.

Handwash only. Made in Germany.


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