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These are called Bloomers in Germany, but in the USA we call them boiled wool pants.  GOTS certified organic boiled wool baby pants cut for cloth diapers made in Germany.  

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Size   50-56  tag says 0-3 months 

Size   62-68  tag says 3-6 months 

Size   74-80  tag says 6-12 months 

Size   86-92  tag says 12-24 months 

Gorgeous boiled wool baby pants. As with all Disana wools, they are made of 100% organic merino wool. They are soft and not scratchy like commercial wool. Wool is soothing to babies and they love it. It does not need to be washed often. Just wear it again and again and simply air it out between uses. When it is time to wash it, please wash by hand in a proper wool wash to keep it soft and in shape. Handwash only. Made in Germany.

Nightworthy wool - but read this first.  I, Karen, would have loved these as nighttime pajama pants when my babies were little.  Boiled wool is thick, soft and pretty much bulletproof.  It's designed to be pants.   So even though the wool is suitable for night, the shape is really pants not a diaper cover.   So, it's risky because you must fully rely on the diaper underneath to catch everything first.   A well-pinned prefold should be fine but it can shift underneath if baby is very active at night. If it shifts, the cotton can come away from baby and thus miss catching it quickly.   A fitted diaper has a better chance of staying in place on baby and not shifting.   If you use enough cotton underneath and it stays in place, it can work.  some may choose to use this over a diaper and cover, because the cover will help keep things in place and also keep your lovely wool from working as hard. 

As pajama pants used over a diaper and cover, it's very likely to keep those sheets dry in case of a leak - like a nighttime keep-sheets-dry insurance policy.   They are easy up and down during night changes.  

Customers also love these as snowpants!  Send us your picures. Thank you!

   disana bloomers sizes Click the blue link above, near the top, for the Size Guide.

 pants made for cloth diapers Roomy in the rear.  These are made to fit correctly over cloth diapers.

bloomers wool baby pants in rose Size 50-56 in Rose shown on Knit Blanket with Melange Sweater .

 Disana bloomers size on a toddler  Disana wool bloomers on a baby image bloomers wool pants from disana on a baby grey 


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A Green Mountain Diapers Customer
shaylla c.
Rhode Island Rhode Island
Love love love these pants!

We love boiled wool! We don’t use them for cloth diapering. They are our fall/winter outside pants!! They really are the best. I wish I could get a grown up pair!

United States United States
Very durable yet cozy

I just love these for my little one...they are much more durable than the knit ones and dirt just washes right off very easily. And yet they are so cozy, just perfect for at home pants.

United States United States

Amazing. These are super soft when lanolized, and they fit a wide range. I have the 86/92 size in Grey. Both my 1yo and my 4yo can wear them. My 1yo is 31in tall, 21lbs. My 4yo is 39in tall, 33lbs. Definitely a lot of room for super fluffy cloth diapers. Picture is my 4yo, who is mostly in disposable diapers.

Green Mountain Diapers Disana Boiled Wool Pants Review
United Kingdom United Kingdom

The rose boiled wool bloomers are absolutely fantastic - warm, sturdy, roomy enough in the bottom for plenty of cloth diaper fluff and absorbency layers, and they function pretty well as a wool diaper cover when lanolized. The size 62-68 "3-6 months" were a little long but they still fit my 10.5 pound, 22 cm length, 7.5-ish inch inseam baby with cuffs (very) rolled. I'm guessing they'll continue to fit her through at least 16 pounds. In the photo below she is at 12 pounds. (***Note*** I also own several pair of the "disana wool pull-on covers", for these I got a better fit going 1 size larger, so at 10.5 pounds the 74/80 "6-12 months" fit best, and I bet these will continue to fit her through 18+ pounds)

Green Mountain Diapers Disana Boiled Wool Pants Review
United States United States

Product: The pants are amazing, made in the same soft boiled wool as her Disana coat. They are versatile, can be worn in cool or very cold weather, they work well as snow pants, and as a bonus for toddlers, the knees don't tear when my child falls down! My child (22mo), is not a fan of sweaters, but loves her Disana boiled wool coat and will often choose to keep it on even inside a heated house. When I put the pants on her, she liked them and cried when I took them off. I have found Disana boiled wool to be almost indestructible. I have a capsule closet for my child, all organic wool. We usually have 2 tops and 2 bottoms per season, and buy them large enough to get a couple years use out of them. Anything that survives the wear and tear is saved for the next child. So being indestructible is a huge deal for me. Boiled wool is much stronger than wool fleece. Her Relax Reiff Strickwaren fleece sleep sack has many patched holes, her Disana boiled wool blanket, coat, mittens, hat, booties, and night diaper cover all look new, despite almost 2 years of use. GMD: I so appreciate the sizing guide and detailed description. I scoured the internet for details on the pants and a sizing guide to no avail, (including Disana’s website!), before finding the info on GMD. Thank you GMD because I was about to buy the wrong size! I like buying from GMD, shipping was free and arrived in a couple days. Sizing info: My child is 33” tall, 21lb, and out of diapers. Size 86-92/12-24mo fits well with the cuffs rolled up. The pants are baggy without a diaper but look cute and don’t fall down.

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