Babee Greens Stretchy Woolie Pull-On

Babee Greens Stretchy Woolie Pull-On diaper cover is stretchy, breathable wool interlock made of 97% organic wool 3% core spun lycra, which is very expensive fabric.  It gives the wool stretchability.  Made in USA. 

Stock Status: In stock. Usually ships the same or next business day.

Small        6-13 pounds

Medium  10-20 pounds

Large       15-28 pounds

XLarge     28-40 pounds

Size chart are Karen's guesses by looking at them.   We may tweak the size recommendations as we get more picture donations of them on babies and more customer feedback on the fit.  This is a brand new item with a new fabric.

Washing instructions:   Wash by hand using a gentle wool wash such as Eucalan or a  gentle bar soap such as Olive Oil Soap.  Do not use Unicorn Beyond Clean on Babee Greens wools.  Detailed instructions are provided on the Wool Page which is included with your order.   

 stretchy wool diaper cover medium on a baby  babee greens stretchy wool diaper pull on    Size Medium on a 12.5 pound 3 month old over a size Medium red edge Cloth-eez Prefold. 

babee greens pull on stretchy size compairson diaper coversThis picture shows a mall, medium and XLarge Stretch Woolie next to a newborn Workhorse so that you can se the size comparison.  Size Large is not pictured.


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